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Tulum Tourists Can Access Ruins Faster Than Ever Before With New Opening 

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Tulum seems to be the name on everybody’s lips at the moment, as international passengers eagerly await the running of international flights from the newest Felipe Carillo Puerto International Airport.

As its reputation grows as a trendy wellness destination that offers a completely different vibe from somewhere like Cancun, more and more people are choosing it for their next vacation to see what all the fuss is about. 

Tulum runins overlooking ocean

One of the main stand-out reasons for visiting Tulum is the archaeological zones in and around the area, offering a glimpse into an ancient civilization synonymous with the region. 

Now the Tulum Ruins have made it even easier for tourists by creating a brand new entrance that will hopefully allow for more guests and fewer wait times!

Long Wait Times For Tulum Ruins 

There is no doubt that the Tulum Ruins are one of the most popular attractions for visitors in southeastern Mexico. 

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Sitting majestically on top of a cliffside overlooking the ocean, these impressive structures and monuments, which were built over 1,500 years ago, still stand tall today. 

With the chance to explore the region’s history and appreciate the stunning beach below the site, it is no wonder why so many people want to visit.

Unfortunately, it was reported last December that visitors were experiencing long wait times to enter the site due to overcrowding and were left waiting in the sun for over an hour before being admitted. 

@vblackandwhite ~ 7 Tips for your visit to Tulum Mayan Ruins! 1) Wear tennis or confortable shoes! – From the parking to the park entrance is around a 10-20 minute walk. Then inside the park there is only one seating area at the end so you will be standing and walking all the time during your visit. You will be walking on grass and gravel so make sure to wear confortable shoes! 2) Put on sunblock, light clothes, sunglasses, hats, everything! – There is basically no place for you to hide from de sun and it gets really really hot! 3) Bring water! – You can bring your bottle water and I highly recommend this! We had 4 bottles of water and we drank it all! Immediately after ending the tour we went and bought some more! So trust me, bring water to keep you hydrated! 4) Expect a lot of people! – There are a lot of tours at the sane time so expect a lot of people. We took a cruise tour and the tour guy gave us background information and history of the ruins. 5) Book in advance! -Since we were on a pre paid On Shore Excursion from the cruise our tour guy already had the parks tickets so we skipped a 20 minute line. 6) Bathrooms are on the main entrance. – These are the only bathrooms on site so make sure that if you have to go, go at the entrance! 7) Duration ~ Less than 3 hours – It depends if you take a tour or not but in less than three hours you get to see everything. Overall this is a kid friendly and family friendly activity to do during your visit to Mexico. We enjoyed it a lot! Remember to like, share and save this for your next visit to Tulum! ___ ~ V. 🖤 #vblackandwhite8 #lifeinblackandwhite #blackandwhite #mexico #kidsfriendlyvacation #familyvacation #familyholidayvacation #kidfriendly #tulummexico #tulummayanruins #tulummexico #tulummexico🇲🇽 #onshoreexcursions #royalcaribbeancruise #marineroftheseas #mexicotulumadventures #tulummayanruins #visitmexico #visitmexico🇲🇽 #tulummexico #mexicotourism #mexicotours #elcastillo #elcastillomayantemple #mayanruinsmexico #cruiseaddict #cruiselover #cruisingthroughlifeoneportatatime ♬ original sound – ▪️V▪️Disney▪️Mom▪️Travel▪️

New Access Entrance To Site 

Never fear, as a new access point has already opened in the Tulum Archeological Zone, which is located within Jaguar Park, thanks to the staff at the National Institute Of Anthropology and History (INAH).

An official from the INAH described the access as “more decent, more environmentally friendly and with a great capacity of attention of visitors.”

The new entrance is located at the main tourist reception area of the site, which has been rescued and restructured to cut wait times and continue to allow more visitors to enjoy the incredible zone. 

People enjoying Tulum beach next to ancient ruins

What Do I Need To Know About The Tulum Ruins?


Tulum was one of the last cities inhabited by the Mayans, coming into prominence between the 13th and 15th centuries.

The now-ruined city that sits atop the cliffside was a prominent trading hub for goods like jade and turquoise. 

The site was also apparently a hotspot for religious activities, with the huge walls meant to protect the Mayan people’s sacred leader and priests, something they would have taken very seriously.



The Tulum Ruins are open Monday through to Sunday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

It is recommended that tourists visit the site earlier rather than later, as crowds can get fairly busy by the afternoon, leaving the beach below a far cry away from the relaxing paradise that you might have hoped for. 

The earlier you visit, the more you can enjoy the historical site before it gets too hot and sticky to wander around the ancient monuments and do the whole Indiana Jones thing…

Solo Female Traveler Walking Near the Ruins in Tulum, Mexico


This will largely depend on how you want to see the Tulum ruins, either with or without a guide. 

If you are looking to visit with no guide, the entrance fee is 95 pesos ( $7 USD).

However, if you are looking to hire a tour guide, who will give you a far better insight into the history of the entire site, then the entrance fee and guide will cost around 600 pesos ($35 USD).

If you don’t want to walk from the car park, there is also a small train that takes you to the entrance point which costs a grand total of 20 pesos ($1 USD).

The ruins are not super far away from downtown Tulum and easily reachable via public transport or private hire/tour, and won’t add much more to the overall price of the day trip.

It is certainly going to be worth your time and your money, and now with an entrance that guarantees short wait times, what’s stopping you?

Tourists enjoying Tulum's beaches on a sunny day

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