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What To Do If Your Flight Out Of Cancun Is Canceled 

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Nobody wants to get to the end of their vacation and find out that their flight back home from Cancun is canceled, but it happens more than any of us care to think about, particularly during the winter months.  The best way to avoid some of the chaos caused by this is to check your flight before heading to the airport to save yourself the trip and so that maybe you can extend your stay at your hotel.  But sometimes flights might not get canceled until arriving at the airport.

Here is what you need to do if your flight out of Cancun is canceled, before or after you get to the airport:

Passengers arriving at Cancun Airport

Research Other Flights That Might Work for You 

While most airlines will typically book you on the next available flight, the option they choose might not work for you.  This could be the case if the new flight doesn’t get you to the connection you need, for example, or if the new flight results in a missed event, so you just need to get home.  By coming up with your own options that work for you, you’ll be able to offer the agent you speak with a better solution to your specific problem. 

Tourists standing in line and Checking in for flights at Cancun Airport.

Take a Dual Approach Method When Contacting an Agent  

The most important step you’ll take if your flight out of Cancun is canceled is finding an airline agent to talk to, and you should take a dual approach.  Immediately head to the service desk, and if the line is long, you should dial up your airline at the same time, so you have twice the chance of speaking to someone before the next flights are all filled up.  Travel experts say you may have a better chance of speaking to someone if you call an international hotline for your specific airline too, and whoever you speak with, do it nicely because you’ll get a lot further. 

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Tourists Checking in at Cancun Airport, waiting in line and talking on the phone.

Inquire About the Status of Your Luggage 

If your flight is canceled and you get put on another one, there is always a chance of losing your luggage, especially if you fly with another airline.  Find out if you can get your luggage if it has already been checked.  If not, you’ll want to know when it is going to arrive at your destination.  In the future, if you can avoid checking luggage at all, it could save you from a major headache. 

People Waiting at Baggage Claim at Cancun Airport.

Decide Where You’re Going To Wait for the Next Flight 

How long you have to wait for your next flight is going to play a role in deciding where to wait for that flight.  Only you can decide how long you’re willing to wait at the airport and you should decide quickly so you can book a hotel room if that’s what you want to do. If there are a lot of cancelations, rooms will fill up fast.  If you’re thinking about staying at the airport, booking a lounge can make the wait much more comfortable, and at Cancun Airport, it only costs around $35 or could even be free if you have certain credit cards. 

Tourist on the phone waiting at Cancun Airport.

Keep Track of Expenses Incurred Due to Cancellation 

In some cases, you’ll be able to get the airline to reimburse you for travel expenses incurred due to a cancellation.  This is not always the case, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.  Save receipts for transportation, meals, and hotel rooms, and contact the airline after the fact to see what you can do.   

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Determine What is Covered by Your Travel Insurance 

Travel insurance can be your best friend when it comes to dealing with a canceled flight.  Depending on the company and the plan you choose, it may help cover some of the expenses associated with waiting for another flight, like meals, lodging, and ground transportation.  These policies typically have a per-day limit, but they may at least be able to help you recoup some of the cost. 

Tourists at Cancun Airport checking in and looking at phone.

Not being able to get home after a long, fun, exhausting vacation is a bummer, but if you take the right steps, you can get through it with as little pain as possible. 

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