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Cancun Airport Crushes Another Record, Here’s Why It’s Just The Beginning

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Cancun International Airport has been the subject of many conversations this year because it has broken its own daily flight record numerous times this year. Now Cancun Airport has crushed another record just the other day, and we’ll tell you why it’s just the beginning for the busy airport. This past Saturday, December 17, there were a total of 719 arriving and departing flights scheduled, many of which were coming from or going to international destinations.

Cancun International Airport exterior of building entrance on a sunny day

Out of the 719 flights, a total of 354 were flights flying into Cancun International Airport, and 240 of them originated from international airports. The number of flights departing from Cancun Airport totaled 365, and 251 of them were destined for international locations. Only 114 departing flights and 114 arriving flights were domestic, proving just how popular Cancun is among foreign travelers.

People Standing Outside of Cancun Airport with their luggage and busses and vehicles nearby.

It was only two weeks before breaking the most recent record that Cancun Airport broke its previous record. On Saturday, December 3, the busy airport registered 660 operations. In general, 2022 has been a busy year for Cancun, with the airport averaging 500 flights or more on most days throughout the year, particularly during the busiest seasons, and rarely going much below that mark.

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Couple Looking at Flight Board in Cancun standing there with luggage ready to travel.

Cancun has always been a popular vacation destination, but since the Covid pandemic, its tourism industry has grown exponentially. By the end of the year, which is only a couple of weeks away, the airport will have served around 25 million arriving passengers. Mexico as a whole has had approximately 36 million visitors, and the fact that 25 million of them were destined for Cancun is utterly astonishing. To help you understand why so many people visit Cancun, we’ll share a few possible reasons why the Mexican Caribbean city is so popular and why it will continue to be Mexico’s number-one vacation destination for the foreseeable future.

Travelers Waiting for Flights at Cancun Airport.  One woman is in the background looking out the window, while others are sitting and waiting.


Cancun International Airport is the 10th busiest airport in the world, with connections to more than 20 European cities and more than 40 American cities. At any given time, there are direct flights from around 35-45 U.S. cities, with some offering multiple flights to Cancun every day. This makes it possible to fly to Cancun pretty much any time of the year for American, European, and even Canadian tourists.

Busy Cancun airport check in with people standing in line waiting.


The hospitality industry in Cancun is top-notch, with unparalleled service and amenities provided by more than 100 hotels and resorts. Many of these are all-inclusive resorts, a concept that has been redefined in the Mexican Caribbean destination. The all-inclusives you’ll find here are on a whole other level, offering amenities like gourmet dining, 24-hour room service, top-shelf liquor, daily stocked mini-fridges, and multiple dining and bar establishments on the properties.

Room with a view NIZUC Resort and Spa


The beaches are not the only thing that draws tourists to Cancun. In fact, there is a diverse set of activities to enjoy when visiting Cancun and the Riviera Maya region. Cancun has great beaches, fantastic restaurants, and exciting nightlife, but if you go a little outside of Cancun, there is even more to explore. Mayan culture and history, a diverse landscape that includes the Caribbean Sea, the surrounding jungle, underground rivers and cenotes, and magical towns with authentic Mexican culture are just a few of the things to see when visiting the region.

Cenote surrounded by jungle vegetation with people swimming in the water.

This has been a great year for Cancun right from the beginning when millions of tourists visited for spring break and the Easter holiday, and tourism just kept getting better throughout the year. If this trend continues, then we will likely see Cancun Airport breaking more records next year.

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Sunday 25th of December 2022

I was born and raised in New York. If you lived in any of the suburbs as the population grew and the roads needed to be expanded, you know what a pain it is. Cancun was built in the 70s. No way could anyone expect a city whose only industry is tourism, would explode the way the Riviera Maya has.

It’s beautiful. It’s warm and green and blue. Imagine Hawaii or the Virgin Islands within reasonable distance and with an exchange rate that makes luxury affordable. Cancun.

The shopping, restaurants, sightseeing, historical ancient ruins… cenotes, friendly culture… and despite the fear mongering, the cartels are not a big deal and the streets are safe. Mass shooters haven’t become a trend yet.

It’s international paradise with a great exchange rate.

That’s what’s with the roads. Can’t fdo subways because underground is a geology adventure. Rivers and caves and cenotes. There are tons of buses but there are tens of thousands of tourists flowing into the area DAILY. When the construction is done, mañana, it will be so much better.


Thursday 22nd of December 2022

You didn’t mention the #1 reason why CUN has become so popular. During the worst period of covid, i.e., 2020 and most of 2021 most Americans, Canadians, and Europeans couldn’t fly anywhere but Mexico. Mexico had very relaxed rules for entry (e.g., no covid tests) and the beach resorts had some amazing deals (e.g., 70% off) as they had no guests. After Americans, Canadians, and Europeans cancelled or postponed their beach vacation, Cancun and the surrounding areas in Quintana Roo were pretty much the only option for the beach goers. The drawback: Prices have gone up some 100% since then, beaches are packed, the hotels are insanely understaffed, and the CUN airport suffers horrible delays (especially for domestic flights, which always come second).

Now onto the airport itself. The CUN airport logistics is terrible (e.g., moving between the terminals), uber isn’t allowed to enter the airport, the stores and restaurants are super limited (for the amount of guests it receives), the airport lounges are a joke, and the public transportation is non-existent. Nothing to write home about!


Wednesday 21st of December 2022

It’s a stupid airport and stupid management. There is a terrible traffic situation that the city couldn’t handle and all the visitors are stuck at the airport unable to find accommodations


Thursday 22nd of December 2022

@Charlie, what is going on with that traffic situation approaching the airport?