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What Tourists Should Know As Cancun Flights Canceled Due To Staff Shortages

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The busy travel season has already started in Cancun, and hundreds of thousands of tourists are expected to visit the destination over the next few weeks.

Cancun International Airport already operates more than 500 flights a day and that number will undoubtedly be higher in the coming months. 

Unfortunately, when operating at such a high capacity there are bound to be some cancelations, and in fact, there have already been a few, due to a lack of staff.

So there are a few things tourists should know amidst these Cancun flight cancelations.

People waiting in line at Cancun airport

Airline Staff Shortages Continue  

Despite the fact that the pandemic has long been over, staff shortages are still plaguing the airline industry.   

Experts predict that these shortages could last for a while, so it’s a factor to consider when planning your vacation.   

One of the most recent cancelations related to staff shortages was a flight from Cancun to Miami, which left travelers scrambling to figure out what to do.   

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Monitor Your Flight Status Before Heading To The Airport 

It’s better to find out that your flight is canceled before going through the hassle and the expense of getting to Cancun Airport for your departure.   

This is why it’s important to monitor your flight status before heading to the airport.   

Although there’s a chance that your flight won’t be canceled until after you arrive, since it’s recommended that you head to the airport about 3.5 hours before departure, at least if it is canceled early, you’ll catch it.   

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Know Your Rights If Your Flight Is Canceled By The Airline  

Passengers have different rights depending on what causes their flight cancelation.   

In the case of the airline canceling your flight due to staff shortages, the airline is responsible for covering the cost of rearranging your travel plans.   

You’re also entitled to a refund if you decide to cancel your travel plans due to a flight cancelation that disrupts your schedule.   

Policies are different between airlines, so you’ll want to check your specific airline’s policies.  

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Be Prepared For Weather Related Cancelations Too 

Not only will staff shortages lead to some flight cancelations this winter, but weather too.   

The rules regarding refunds and assistance with rebooking are a little more obscure when it comes to bad weather, and getting refunded for your ticket is more difficult.   

If you’ll be traveling during the winter months, this is something you’ll want to be prepared for.   

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Have A Backup Plan 

In case of a cancelation, you should always have a backup plan to get through the hours or days that you’re stuck in limbo.   

Research hotels near the airport in case you have to get a room, and look into airport lounges that will give you a decent place to rest while waiting for a new flight.   

Be sure to budget for this contingency too, because not all airlines offer compensation for hotel stays due to cancelations.   

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Consider Travel Insurance When Flying To Cancun This Winter  

Travel insurance is great to have when you plan on traveling during the winter when weather can be unpredictable, or at any other time when cancelations are more frequent.   

It may help cover the costs associated with your cancelation that the airline doesn’t already compensate you for.   

Transportation, hotels, and certain flight-related costs could be covered, depending on the insurance. 

Departure Board at Cancun Airport

Tips For Avoiding Flight Cancelations  

While there is no surefire way to avoid cancelations, there are a few things that you can do to limit the chances.   

Booking early morning flights, as they are the least likely to get canceled, increases your chances of avoiding cancelations.   

Also, flying on the least busy days raises your chances of a successful travel day as well, and as an added bonus, makes travel less stressful. 

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