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Why Holbox Will Be The Perfect Place For Whale Watching Tours This Summer

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The Mexican Caribbean is full of amazing destinations, but none can replicate the truly magical feeling that comes with Holbox.

This small island is home to Disney-like bioluminescence at night, and during the day it is the champion for amazing Whale Shark tours.

Why Holbox Will Be The Perfect Place For Whale Watching Tours This Summer

A Huge Rise In Approved Tours

While Holbox is the perfect place to see the majestic Whale Shark population up close, there were until recently only 20 licensed and regulated tour operators on the island and surrounding areas offering this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Now, thanks to the continued push by the Quintana Roo state government to grow tourism, a further 80 tour vessels have been added to the roster.

50 of these vessels are on the island of Holbox itself, while the remainder have their home port on the coastline near Holbox.

A small tourist boat in shallow water on Holbox island

Safety Has Taken Priority

Anyone who has spent time on the water knows that it can be a dangerous place for the untrained. This has heavily impacted the approval process for these new licenses and led to a huge re-training and education initiative.

Tourism safety is paramount to the image of the area, and travelers can be confident in the knowledge that the people taking them out to sea are properly trained.

On top of the safety of travelers, the government has also made it a top priority that these tour guides are properly educated to protect the Whale Sharks while providing these tours.

Mexico has a spotty reputation in some areas, but when it comes to the conservation of its natural world they are really stepping up to the mark!

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Small boats on a beach in Holbox island

Why Holbox?

Holbox has perfect access to some of the most amazing Whale Shark home grounds. In many areas these majestic and peaceful creatures (They only eat tiny plankton, so don’t let the shark part worry you) are in water shallow enough to snorkel alongside them.

The relatively calm waters around the low-lying island of Holbox also mean there is no shortage of environmentally friendly docking areas for these tours to sail from.

Small boat dock Holbox island from the air

A True Paradise

Once a refuge for natives of the Mexican mainland fleeing the Yucatan caste war, the people who arrived here searching for refuge instead found one of the most beautiful settings in the world to call home.

And the people of Holbox today protect this little island’s tranquility, imposing strict rules on tourism.

Arriving in Holbox a big surprise for many visitors is the lack of combustion engines. Bicycles and electric golf carts are the only modes of transportation here.

A road in Holbox with golf carts and bicycles

This on top of the local’s territorial protection of the island’s natural beauty has held back the large super-complex resorts of Cancun and Playa del Carmen from landing here.

In turn, travelers lucky enough to score a vacation in Holbox get to escape the hustle and bustle of its large neighboring destinations.

Low crime rates, peaceful natural surroundings, and some of the cleanest air in the Americas. That’s what awaits travelers here.

Tourists on  a golf cart in Holbox

What Are Whale Sharks?

These incredible creatures are an example of the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world. Boasting the title of the largest fish in the sea the “whale” in their name is purely because of their whale-like appearance.

These magnificent beasts often measure up to 40-60 feet long, and despite their size gracefully glide through the crystal-clear waters of Holbox like a hockey puck across the ice.

A whale shark swimming underwater with an open mouth

Their huge size can look intimidating at first, and their huge mouths that look like they could swallow the whole resort buffet table may look like a danger.

But Whale Sharks are completely peaceful to humans as well as other creatures in the water. They feed only on plankton and are more interested in basking in the Caribbean sun than being aggressive.

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