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Why This Idyllic Island Near Cancun Excels​ In Tourist Safety

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Boasting stunning coastlines, turquoise waters, and​ a laid-back atmosphere, Isla Mujeres is undoubtedly​ one​ of the top tourist hotspots​ in Mexico.

However, the occasional headlines​ оf tourist-related incidents​ in the broader Mexican Caribbean region prompt some travelers​ to think twice about visiting this idyllic island.

Isla Mujeres Beach

Yes, there have been unfortunate events involving tourists​ in the past, such​ as the tragic loss​ of two Canadians​ in Playa del Carmen​ in 2022 and​ an American traveler being injured​ by​ a stray bullet​ in Puerto Morelos​ in March this year.

The U.S. State Department issued a travel alert in response, encompassing regions like Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum.

While these news stories might understandably raise concern among travelers, it’s crucial​ to notice that, considering that Mexico received​ 66 million international visitors​ in 2022, these incidents are extremely rare.

Moreover, Isla Mujeres’s Mujeres stands out for its pristine record regarding crime incidents involving tourists​ оr gang-related violence.

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In fact, statistics consistently rank Isla Mujeres​ as one​ of the safest destinations not only​ in the Mexican Caribbean but also​ in the entire country.

So, what sets Isla Mujeres apart​ as one​ of the safest havens for tourists​ in Mexico? And how does​ it compare​ in terms​ of safety​ to other popular Mexican Caribbean destinations?

Keep reading​ to find out!

A Proactive Approach​ To Tourist Safety

In response​ to the incidents​ of violence​ in the Mexican Caribbean earlier this year, the Mexican government took​ a proactive stance, announcing the deployment​ of more than 8,000 soldiers​ to patrol the beaches​ in April.

Although Isla Mujeres​ is not among the crime hotspots​ in the area, the local government, under the leadership​ of Mayor Atenea Gómez Ricalde, implemented various measures​ to guarantee the safety and well-being​ of tourists.

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National Guard

Municipal police officers from Isla Mujeres, along with personnel from the National Guard and the Mexican Navy, have been conducting ground patrols​ at various points along the island’s beaches. 

While these preventive measures are permanent, they are particularly strengthened during high seasons​ оr holidays like spring break and the summer season.

So far, these proactive efforts have proven highly effective, with​ no incidents reported during patrols and the island experiencing​ a positive trend​ in visitor influx.

However, the government​ is not resting​ on its laurels. 

Federal Police Patrol

Recently, Quintana Roo Governor Mara Lezama delivered​ 15 new, fully equipped patrol vehicles​ to Isla Mujeres, including​ 12 Pickup patrol vehicles,​ 2 motorcycles, and​ 1 quad bike. 

This initiative​ is evidence​ of the federal and state governments’ unwavering commitment​ to ensuring the safety​ of both locals and tourists.

Tourist Safety​ – Isla Mujeres vs. Other Mexican Caribbean Destinations

This stunning island truly outshines all other Mexican Caribbean destinations when​ it comes​ to safety.

According​ to Numbeo, the world’s largest cost​ оf living and quality​ оf life database, Isla Mujeres boasts​ a remarkably low overall crime index​ оf 14.7.

This number​ is significantly lower than Cancun (56.66), Cozumel (34.57), and Tulum (36.62).

Police Officer Patrolling a Beach in Cancun, Mexico with Tourists in the Background

In terms​ of the Safety Scale metric, Isla Mujeres scores​ an impressive 85.29, making​ it the highest ranking​ оf these three destinations.

Regarding violent crimes such​ as assault and robbery, Isla Mujeres​ was labeled​ as ‘Very Low’ (6.25), while Cancun (58.9)​ was labeled​ as ‘Moderate’​, and both Tulum (33.06) and Cozumel (32.50)​ as ‘Low’.

Furthermore,​ a separate study​ by Travel Safe Abroad placed Isla Mujeres​ as the safest destination​ in the country, boasting​ an impressive security index​ оf 80.​ In comparison, Cancun only manages​ a score​ оf 65.

Beach Vendor and Municipal Police on a Beach in Isla Mujeres

Essential Safety Tips for Isla Mujeres Travelers

While these numbers are undoubtedly reassuring, it’s still important​ to take the necessary precautions​ to ensure your safety.

Violent crimes against tourists are indeed quite rare, but the risk​ of falling prey​ to petty theft and scams​ is unfortunately present​ at this island’s beautiful beaches.

Isla Mujeres

For​ an enjoyable and safe stay during your trip​ to Isla Mujeres, make sure to:

  • Avoid flashing expensive jewelry and electronics
  • Keep​ a watchful eye​ on your belongings, especially​ in crowded areas
  • Stay aware​ оf your surroundings
  • Drink responsibly
  • Stick​ to tourist zones, particularly​ at night

By following these guidelines, you’ll​ be able​ to safely enjoy the beauty and serenity​ of this idyllic island.

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World Traveller

Monday 4th of September 2023

It's a sad society where armed soldiers, let alone police, have to patrol beaches which has to affect the ambience and introduce stress to tourists. Mexico indeed has had rampant crime across the country for the last 100 years. Successive governments have not been able to control it the same way gun control laws on the US don't have any effect. It's a disaster with 22K murders a year. As a comparison, South Africa has 28K murders a year and that includes many tourists who stray off the track. Many Americans and Canadians come to Mexico for their illicit drug needs and fire fights often break out between them. That's why Trump's wall would never work because Americans would be climbing over it to get their supplies now that avocado pears are the new commodity to be fought over by the Mexican ex drug gangs. It's quite simple, just don't travel to Mexico if you are of nervous disposition, stay home. Try going to Cuba where anyone who touches a tourist will simply just disappear if they get caught. Alternatively go to Oman (that's in the Middle East folks) where you can leave your mobile, car or valuables out and they will still be there the next day. The US, Latin America and South Africa are virtually no go areas these days for tourists because you WILL be a victim of crime at some point. Been there, seen and done that....


Wednesday 6th of September 2023

@World Traveller, This is not a true statement. I travel to Mexico yearly no person acts this way Americans are not drug users!


Wednesday 6th of September 2023

@World Traveller, This is not a true statement. I travel to Mexico yearly no person acts this way Americans are not drug users!