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3 Reasons Why More Tourists Are Renting Cars When Landing In Cancun 

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There are many ways to get around when you’re vacationing in Cancun, one of which is renting a car, which is very popular in the vacation destination.   

Renting a car in Cancun isn’t much different than renting a car anywhere else, so it’s no surprise that more visitors arriving at Cancun Airport are doing it.   

According to one report, 7 out of 10 visitors rent a car during their Cancun vacation now, and there are three reasons why more tourists are renting cars when landing in Cancun.   

Cars Driving Down a Beautiful Palm Lined Street in Cancun, Mexico

Makes Exploring Easier 

One of the biggest benefits of renting a car when landing in Cancun is being able to explore easier.   

There is so much to explore not only in Cancun but throughout the entire Mexican Caribbean.   

Having a car means you can wake up each morning during your vacation and explore something new every day without having to worry about finding transportation.   

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Can Be A Cheaper Way To Do A Lot Of Traveling  

Renting a car can also be a cheaper, more economical way to get around if you plan on doing a lot of traveling.   

Just to go to Playa del Carmen, for example, which is only about an hour south of Cancun, you can expect to pay at least around $70 each way for private transportation.   

Even getting from the Airport to the Hotel Zone Can be as much as $65 each way for a taxi.  

Renting a car starts at around $30 a day, inclusive of the rental fee and the insurance that you need.   

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Get To Avoid Taking Taxis 

Taxis are generally safe in Cancun but they still don’t have the greatest reputation for several reasons.   

Cancun taxi drivers can be aggressive about getting passengers; they are known to overcharge, and then you have to worry about pirate taxis on top of all that.   

Renting a car when you land in Cancun means you get to avoid taking taxis altogether.   

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Renting A Car At Cancun Airport 

Just like at most airports, you’ll find a number of different car rental companies at Cancun Airport, and in fact, a new company, MEXT Rent a Car, just opened at the airport too.   

Renting a car at the airport is convenient because you don’t have to find transportation to get to a car rental company.   

You’ll pay for that convenience, though, as car rentals at the airport are typically a little more pricey. 

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Renting A Car From An Off-Site Location 

Should you choose to rent a car from a company off-site you might be able to save a little money but you have to decide if the extra step is worth it.   

A number of local car rental companies will offer pickup service.   

If you’re going to rent off-site, you might want to look for a company that offers this service.  

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Driving In And Around Cancun 

Driving in and around Cancun isn’t that much different than driving around the U.S.   

You have to follow posted speed limits, stop signs and stop lights are very similar, you are required to wear a seatbelt, and using your phone while driving is prohibited.   

The hardest part about driving in and around Cancun is understanding the signs.   

Fortunately for those who might have a little trouble, Cancun just approved a new rule to forgive car rental drivers for the first two minor infractions.   

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Safety Tips For Driving In The Mexican Caribbean  

There are a few minor safety concerns with driving in Cancun.   

A few tips can help you avoid them. 

  1. Watch out for potholes. 
  1. Use toll roads whenever possible.   
  1. Don’t go off the beaten path.   
  1. Don’t stop for anyone on the side of the road.   
  1. Try not to get pulled over by the police.   

Taking these steps will make driving in the Mexican Caribbean an even safer experience.

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Tuesday 26th of December 2023

I stay away from Mexico because most Mexicans view tourists as their walking ATM. There is no place lik we the USA.


Tuesday 26th of December 2023

There is NO car rental for $30, not even double that. That’s before they scam for 2X insurance cover AND deposit. AVIS wanted $7500 USD deposit, ended up paying $275 deposit with Hertz, same coverage limits. For rental, ended up paying approx $140/day USD for a car that I had reserved on Expedia for &48/day USD.


Tuesday 19th of December 2023

This is definitely the worst idea that you can do when you’re here in the Mexican Riviera. There’s absolutely no parking and getting a boot on your car and fined is highly likely and being recognized as a tourist and shaken down by the cops. He is almost guaranteed. The public transportation is awesome here, these areas are built around the fact they started small and using your feet to get around is the best way to do it and for longer distances ADO have luxury coaches and extremely affordable. Do not rent a car here. This is obviously a puff piece to curry favour and advertising with the car rental industry and not to be taken as serious.