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Cancun Authorities Will Utilize National Guard To Crack Down On Pirate Taxis 

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It was recently reported that pirate taxis, or fake taxis, continue to be a problem in Cancun.   

The problem with these illegal taxis is that, in addition to initiating unfair competition, they put unsuspecting tourists at risk of being overcharged, robbed, or worse.   

But now, Cancun authorities are going to utilize the National Guard to crack down on these pirate taxis. 

Taxi Parked in Front of Coco Bongo in Cancun, Mexico

Pirate Taxis – What Makes Them Illegal 

Pirate taxis are vehicles driven by drivers who do not go through the legal process of registering their vehicles to operate as transportation providers.   

Not only do they not pay the required fees to operate, but their vehicles do not undergo any type of inspection either.   

Surprisingly, 20 percent of the taxis in Cancun are pirate taxis.   

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The Risks Associated With Taking Pirate Taxis 

Because of the fact they do not register as a legal taxi service, there is no oversight regarding the driver or vehicle of a pirate taxi.   

There’s no way to tell if the vehicle is insured, the driver is licensed, or if the driver has been in any trouble in the past.   

So passengers are at risk of not being covered by insurance if there’s an accident, and they are at risk of getting into a vehicle with someone with ulterior motives.   

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What Cancun Authorities Are Doing To Stop Pirate Taxis 

It was only recently that officials announced that they would be seeking the help of the National Guard to battle pirate taxis.   

Now, just a week or so later, they are getting that requested help in order to hopefully end the problem once and for all, or at least reduce the number of pirate taxis.   

To do this, the National Guard will be utilized to monitor the roads in search of fake taxis.   

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Where To Watch Out For Pirate Taxis In Cancun 

The biggest concentration of pirate taxis is at Cancun Airport.   

Here, they wait for unsuspecting arriving tourists to try to get them to get into their vehicles to be transported to their hotel.   

But fake taxis can be found all over Cancun, so it’s important to be vigilant.   

Taxis and Other Transportation Vehicles at Cancun Airport

How To Spot A Pirate Taxi In Cancun 

The first indicator that a taxi is a pirate taxi is a vehicle that is rundown and in disrepair.   

Another way to spot a fake taxi is to look for the registration number that should be on the vehicle, if it’s not, then you probably want to avoid it.   

You can also avoid a pirate or fake taxi by only getting into one that is at a designated taxi stand.   

Rundown Taxi Driving on the Streets in Cancun, Mexico

Is Taking A Taxi In Cancun Your Best Option? 

If you follow news on Cancun at all, then you probably have heard about all of the issues with taxi drivers over the last year or so.   

The introduction of Uber into the market has led to a battle, with taxi drivers being the main aggressors.   

Because of this, and the pírate taxi concern, taxis may not always be the best option for getting around Cancun.   

Private Transportation Vehicles at Cancun Airport

Other Ways To Get Around Cancun  

Fortunately, taxis are not your ONLY option for getting from the Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone or for getting around the city.   

Public transportation is cheap, safe, and plentiful, although it does take longer to get from place to place on a bus.   

The better option is private transportation, which doesn’t cost much more than a taxi most of the time and is a much more comfortable and safer way to get around Cancun. 

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