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Cancun Beaches Are Cleaner Than Ever Thanks To This New Law 

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At the beginning of the year, Mexico banned smoking in all public spaces, including outdoor public places.   

This also meant that smoking on Cancun’s beaches would no longer be allowed either.   

And now, Cancun’s beaches are cleaner than ever, thanks to this new law.   

Pristine Beach in Cancun, Mexico with Resorts in the Background

Major Reduction Of Cigarette Butts On Cancun Beaches 

The initiation of the ban on smoking in outdoor public spaces, which is part of the Anti-Tobacco Law, has resulted in cleaner beaches.   

According to Zofemat, there have been 50 percent fewer cigarette butts littering the beaches in Cancun since January, when the ban was enacted.   

They commented that the “presence of cigarette butts on the sands of the public beaches of the municipality has been reduced by 50 percent in the cleaning of sands, after the entry into force of the regulations of the Anti-Tobacco Law.” 

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Reasons Behind The Massive Decrease  

The ban itself is only partially responsible for the massive decrease in the number of cigarette butts being found on beaches.   

Signs being placed on the beach have really brought the public smoking ban to the attention of beachgoers, many of whom do not want to break the law.   

Another contributor is the fact that staff has been deployed to the beaches over the last six months to raise awareness about keeping the beaches clean and free of cigarette butts.   

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Consequences For Smoking On Cancun’s Beaches 

Zofemat officials explained that with the signs and the staff on the beaches, beachgoers are “given a wake-up call to respect not smoking, because it is prohibited and most comply with the disposition.”   

The consequences for not complying are also a deterrent.   

Those found to be smoking on public beaches can be fined as much as $300 for one infraction and can even be arrested. 

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The Anti-Tobacco Law 

Mexico’s General Law for Tobacco Control was actually approved in 2021, but at the time, a smoking ban only applied to indoor public spaces.   

It wasn’t until the beginning of this year that a ban on smoking in outdoor public spaces was enacted.   

Along with the smoking ban, the updated law also banned advertising for tobacco products in bars, public places, and even stores.   

No Smoking Sign on the Beach in English and Spanish

What The Ban Means For Tourists 

The fact that smoking is prohibited in both indoor and outdoor public spaces is something tourists may want to consider when planning a Cancun vacation.   

Breaking laws in a foreign country is something that should be avoided.   

And now, there are only a few places where smokers can light up. 

Three girls taking pictures in a Cancun Beach with the waves in the background

Hospitality Industry Response 

The hospitality industry immediately responded to the complete ban on smoking in public places.   

Documents have been filed by hotels and restaurants requesting to be able to allow designated smoking areas.   

So far, at least 15 restaurants have been granted this exception, so long as the smoking areas are outside and food is not served in those areas.   

Anti-smoking sing on a beach in Cancun with water in background

Why Reducing Cigarette Litter On Cancun Beaches Is So Important 

The smoking ban that has led to the reduction of cigarette litter on the beaches of Cancun provides environmental benefits too; it isn’t just about aesthetics.   

Cigarette butts that end up on the beach often then end up in the water, and according to sources, the toxins in cigarettes are harmful to sea life.   

Furthermore, fish that consume these toxins can also be harmful to humans, and both are something certainly worth avoiding.

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