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Cancun & Mexican Caribbean Hotspots Deploying Hundreds Of Officers To Protect Tourists

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Now that the new Tulum International Airport has been successfully launched, and with the new Maya Train only days away from its inauguration, one thing is certain: the Mexican Caribbean is ready to become more connected than ever as the busy high season begins. 

Keen to have yet another record-breaking winter, local authorities have been doing everything in their power to expand and grow their offerings for tourists, with one of their main objectives being to keep crime rates low and security levels high. 

Cancun police officer on an atv on the beach

As places like Cancun show no sign of their popularity slowing down, as well as seeing huge investments in more hotel infrastructure and opening and expanding of its tourist attractions, the need for policing and ever-increasing security measures has been a top priority; something which was introduced in the last few years when crime rates were at an all-time high. 

The December Operation 

Beginning on December 11th in Quintana Roo, an increased security presence of around 600 security officers will be felt throughout busy tourist areas and hotspots such as beaches, shopping malls, and tourist attractions to reinforce the safety that travelers want to feel on their vacations. 

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The number of visitors expected to arrive in the Mexican Caribbean will be more than in 2022, partly due to Hurricane Otis in Guerrero which has caused many people to make alternative vacation arrangements, adding to the already huge number of passengers expected to visit. 

If you have traveled to the Mexican Caribbean during the busy summer and winter months, you will be no stranger to the sight of armed police officers and the National Guard on the beach while you’re sunbathing, and while it can take a bit of getting used to, know that it is having an incredibly positive impact on crime rates. 

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The winter security program will focus on the most important tourist destinations in Quintana Roo, with Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Isla Mujeres seeing the biggest shift in security detail. 

Cancun Becoming Safer Than Ever

Remarkably, these efforts are already being felt in places like Cancun, which continues to experience a fall in crime rates, with the increased security presence being effective in deterring organized crime. 

Places like the infamous hotel zone see little to no reporting of any major crime activity, with petty crime as the main threat for tourists, something which should still be considered for anyone in the busy mall zones and restaurant strips.

stunning aerial view of Cancun Hotel Zone

For most, especially Americans, Cancun seems to be one of the safest and most trusted options for the vacation of a lifetime, where law enforcement can be felt visibly, giving peace of mind to tourists and locals alike. 

Increasing CCTV Presence 

As part of the increased safety initiatives being brought forward by local authorities, record investment has been given to the implementation of new security cameras in areas like Cancun to bring crime rates to a standstill further. 

Security cameras in Cancun

While it may be giving off some George Orwell “1984” vibe, rest assured these 24/7 surveillance cameras are being hailed a success. 

Connecting to the ‘C5’ ( a command surveillance center in Cancun), this large-scale coverage is preventing crime more than ever before and is believed to be having a potential psychological effect on potential criminals. 

Both big and small-scale criminal activity can be captured in an instant and seems to be a huge deterrent to criminals who most likely want to remain anonymous.

Security patrols on beaches with tourists

Now even companies like Uber are connecting to the C5, giving passengers and drivers the chance to immediately send distress calls to the command hub if there is any trouble or altercation.

As Cancun continues to see its crime rates fall, other hotspots like the upcoming, trendy Tulum will want to take note and implement similar strategies if it is to welcome more and more tourists with the arrival of its new billion-dollar airport

And finally, a reminder to all tourists, that even though hundreds of officers will be deployed this winter season in the Mexican Caribbean for your protection, it is still extremely important to remain vigilant and self-aware, as no place is without any crime, and there are steps you can take to be protected in all eventualities.

A popular street in Playa del Carmen with travelers

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