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Cancun To Install Over 1,000 Security Cameras To Keep Tourists Safe 

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Security is a priority in vacation destinations like Cancun because image is important for tourism.   

It’s not uncommon to see security personnel made up of the National Guard, Tourist Police, and other security officials patrolling busy tourist areas to keep Cancun safe for visitors.   

Now, Cancun is taking an additional step by installing over 1,000 security cameras to keep tourists safe too.   

Cancun to Get 1,000 Security Cameras to Improve Security

Surveillance With A Purpose 

The installation of security cameras in Cancun serves a dual purpose.   

On the one hand, they can help law enforcement locate individuals who commit crimes against tourists visiting the destination.   

Equally important, they also help deter crime, because criminals know they can be caught easier with so many cameras installed throughout the city.   

Security Camera Monitoring a City

Strategizing On The Locations Where Cameras Will Be Placed 

Not only is it important to have security cameras in a vacation destination like Cancun, but it’s important to put them in the right places.   

This is why Cancun officials conducted a study to determine the areas that need to be monitored the most.   

Among them are popular tourist areas, including the Hotel Zone, which is where the bulk of Cancun’s hotels, beaches, and attractions are located.   

Tourists Enjoying the Cancun Hotel Zone

Safest Areas To Be When Visiting Cancun 

As with many vacation destinations and cities in general, some areas are safer than others.   

In Cancun, it’s better to stick to the main tourist areas because it’s difficult to know which areas of the city are dangerous when you don’t live there.   

The downtown area, where the bulk of the bars and nightclubs are, the Hotel Zone, where your hotel will most likely be located, and gated resort communities are the safest areas to be in Cancun.   

Tourists Enjoying a Beach  in the Cancun Hotel Zone

Other Security Measures Being Taken In Cancun 

Installing cameras is only one of several actions being taken by Cancun officials to ensure the safety of visitors.   

In-person surveillance is used as well, with different military officials and police forces working together to patrol areas like beaches, restaurants, clubs, and the Hotel Zone.   

Additionally, drones and K-9s are used to enhance security in Cancun. 

Military and Police Patrolling Cancun Beaches

Cancun’s Security Level 

Despite the recent warning from the U.S. State Department to “exercise increased caution” when visiting Cancun, it is a relatively safe destination to visit.   

Not to say that it has never happened, but violent crime against tourists is very rare.   

Visitors have to worry more about pickpockets and scams than anything else, which can both be avoided by taking a few important precautions, like carrying a crossbody bag or putting your wallet in your front pocket, and being careful of who you buy tours and vacation packages from.   

Security Officers Patrolling a Beach in Cancun, Mexico

Staying Safe When Visiting Cancun 

Even though Cancun does several things to keep tourists safe when vacationing in the destination, there are safety measures you can take to further enhance your own personal security.   

First and foremost is staying in those safer tourist areas and not traveling into unknown areas.   

It’s also advised not to walk around alone at night, to avoid flaunting wealth, and to be careful around strangers, including not accepting drinks from someone you don’t know.   

Taking these steps as added precautions will help to keep you out of harm’s way.   

Beach Safety in Cancun, Mexico

Other Safe Vacation Destinations In The Mexican Caribbean  

The warning issued by the U.S. regarding travel to Cancun also included other destinations in the Mexican Caribbean that are generally safe to visit.   

In these destinations, the same kinds of security measures are being taken to protect tourists.   

Some of these other safe vacation destinations include Cozumel, Tulum, Isla Mujeres, Puerto Morelos, Bacalar, and Playa del Carmen, each of which is an amazing vacation destination similar to Cancun. 

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