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Cancun Tourist Fee Will More Than Double For 2023

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For those traveling to Cancun next year, know that some tourist fees are set to more than double for 2023. This is on top of the Visitor Tax, which has been in place since 2021. The fee in question is the Environmental Fee that’s added to the hotel cost.

It was reported in local news earlier this week that the city’s fees for Cancun’s official Environmental Sanitation Law will increase by at least 133% come the new year.

Sun beds facing to the caribbean sea in Grand Pyramid hotel in Cancun. People chilling out by the water and looking on the beach.

All About Cancun’s Environmental Fee At Hotels

As it currently stands, the Environmental Fee is added on to your bill when staying at Cancun hotels, and the money is then given by the hotel to the City Council. 

The fee is calculated per night per stay, for a total of approximately $1.40 USD or 28 Mexican pesos for each night. With the fee increase coming next year, the fee will be about 67 Mexican pesos per night.

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Extra fees such as this one are supplementary to the usual VAT and city tax that you will see added to the accommodation costs, which is becoming more common at hotels across the globe.

In the Cancun context, the law was built to allocate funds to keep up with beach maintenance, security, as well as infrastructure.

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The municipal president of Benito Juárez, Ana Patricia Peralta de la Peña, made it a point to mention during the announcement that this fee increase has been agreed upon between local hotels and the tourism sector. 

“This was worked together with the hotel associations, with Acluvaq (Association of Vacation Clubs of Quintana Roo), to have higher income for our city,” she stated.

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More Fees Come With More Transparency, Say Officials

Officials also assured that this fee increase will come with more transparency. It was stated that a new committee of five municipal government employees will be built to help manage the funds, which will include five Cancun municipal government employees, four officials from the hotel/tourism sector, as well as one from the chamber. 

“In other words, there will be five members from organized civil society and five members from the Benito Juárez city council. With this, we are going to have these resources with greater transparency because the technical committee, which will be made up of part of the former cited, will be part of the trust, and then, each of the resources exercised by it will be allocated to three items.”

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Tourist Fees To Go Towards Cancun Beach Maintenance

They also reiterated during the announcement that the increased Environmental Fee for tourists at Cancun hotels will be used for a number of practical matters, such as the cleaning up and improvement of the beaches. It will also go towards issues of local infrastructure, traffic lights, and security.

With the ongoing issue of sargassum on the beaches of Cancun and throughout parts of the Riviera Maya, it looks like an increase in funds for beach maintenance will be essential for beach upkeep for tourists.

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Environmental Fee – Information For Travelers

The Environmental Fee, also known as the Environmental Sanitation Tax, was first put in place on February 2, 2022. The fee when then automatically added to any Cancun hotel reservations following that date.

According to the mention on this Cancun resort website, “The Collection of Environmental Sanitation is a charge dedicated to the betterment of the local community operated by the government of Quintana Roo. This fee supports government investment in environmental infrastructure, sustainability and safety practices, among others.”

Beach in Cancun, Mexico during the day. Lots of blue beach umbrellas and tourists enjoying the beach.

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Dennis Mahood

Monday 27th of February 2023

It's funny the writer said this tax came into effect in 2022, my wife and I have been going to Cancun and Playa now for.15 years and Rach year we have paid the sanitation tax at the resort.

Mike Duhaime

Monday 27th of February 2023

Mexico is still by far the best value down south. This tax is nothing compared to USA Las Vegas. They need to charge more if they are going to keep the beach clean. I was shocked to see garbage every day, piled up on beach. Even the locals were leaving empty beer and pop cans. There was so much plastic on the beach that it really upset me. Come on, this is your country… you’re beach… why are you leaving garbage on it ? It’s 2023, not 1984! Coco Bongo is the most guilty with garbage all over beach in morning after the “party” Think of the wildlife that dues from beer can holders, straws, fishing line and a lot of other nasty things. Yes, charge more tax Hire locals to clean beach Put up signs shaming people into picking up after themselves!


Tuesday 14th of November 2023

@Mike Duhaime, of course it is nothing compared to the taxation in the US or the UK or the EU. Hence people going theee mate. The usp of Mexico was that it was cheapo, and you'd get your money worth there. That's why we all went there. As it is now, it would appear that they are starting a new trend. Milking gringos. Raising prices and taxes this fast this irrationally will soon negate their usp, and get them to the same abyssal inflation nightmare we are in back home, and consequently take travellers and tourists elsewhere. Just now, I attempted to book a 30$ worth accommodation and was asked to pay 22$ in taxes. That's a plus 70% tax. I ended up canceling the whole trip, wasn't worth anymore, and decided to go elsewhere. Btw, there is an increbile rise in violence in Mexico right now and tourists will end up having to deal with soldiers in the streets and crooked cops harassing them during their stay... if they are lucky. They should lower their prices now, not jacking them up.

Anne jones

Saturday 18th of February 2023

Well we don’t go to Mexico then simple ,why don t hotels include it much easier just makes it confusing all these extra s puts you off going there


Saturday 19th of November 2022

My favourite holiday place but prices getting too much when travelling from the uk

Dennis Mahood

Sunday 20th of November 2022

@Chiko, To much even from the US. If you look at the small print on the visitors tax it says its A donation.