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Cancun Tourists Warned To Be Careful Buying Advance Event Tickets

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Tourists visiting Cancun are sold a number of different travel-related packages near hotels, beaches, and tourist destinations of the area.

While most of the vendors are legitimate, there have been issues in the past with not only vendors selling expired or fake tickets. Others have been accused of aggressive sales tactics to pressure visitors to Cancun to buy their travel packages.

Tourists Standing Around Coco Bongo During Spring Break in Cancun

Recently, issues have been coming up with vendors selling advance tickets to upcoming concerts and shows in the Cancun area.

Advance Tickets For Unapproved Events

A number of complaints have been registered with the municipality of Cancun about ticket brokers selling tickets to concerts and shows that have not been confirmed and approved by local officials.

Tourists buying these tickets then have been left trying to find out how to get their money back once they learn that the event is “canceled” and not taking place.

These cancellations came just hours before the scheduled time of the concert or show.

The fact is, often the event was never approved and properly licensed by local municipal officials to take place.

crowd gig

According to local officials, the concert promoters have been found at times not even having a valid permit for the artist to appear.

Friday the 13th Concert Cancelled

The most recent cancellation happened when they found concert promoters and ticketing agencies promoting a show on Friday, October 13 at a nightclub in Cancun.

When local officials investigated the upcoming show, they uncovered that the nightclub was selling tickets without a permit for the concert.

nightclub concert

The Benito Juárez City Council took immediate action and canceled the show and closed the nightclub for the permit violation.

Tickets for the concert were sold weeks before the event. The concert promoter and ticketing agencies confirmed they will refund the money to ticket holders.

Officials Take Action to Protect Tourists

Seventh Regiduria of Shows and Entertainment of Benito Juárez Karina Pamela Espinosa Pérez and General Secretary of the City Council Pablo Gutiérrez recently met with local show promoters and ticketing agencies about the issues resulting in complaints from visitors to the area.

Cancun nighclub area

According to reports, the show promoters and ticketing agencies have been posting notifications about the on-sale dates for the shows and concerts on social media and starting sales before the events are formally approved.

The two officials said the event promoters and ticketing agencies agreed going forward to eliminate the advance sales without approval.

What Tourists Need To Know

Despite the agreement by the major concert promoters and ticket agencies to discontinue the sales of advance show tickets without prior event approval, tourists should still beware of the practice.

DJ Playing At A Music Festival For A Very Large Crowd

When buying concert or show tickets for a vacation getaway, try to reserve the tickets well in advance by using recognized ticket brokers or with the assistance of the concierge staff at local resorts and hotels.

This way, travelers will not only know that the tickets are legitimately being sold, but they can also confirm that the tickets are not fake and will have recourse in the event that something happens with the event.

If a traveler wants to buy tickets from concert promoters or ticket sales agents in tourist areas of Cancun, try to verify the date of the event and call the event directly to confirm that the event is on the schedule.

While it is hard to avoid this type of activity, visitors to Cancun acting like they are aware of the situation and are taking steps to protect themselves may make the salespeople selling any advance tickets for local events think again about the activity.

DJ playing at a beach party

Remember, a cash purchase for tickets puts the risk on the buyer, and some travel insurance against fraud may be a benefit in this situation.

Nonetheless, travelers should be diligent about protecting themselves and their hard-earned money just as they would at home.

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Sunday 22nd of October 2023

The question is.. Did the event organizers apply for the permit or is city hall just taking too long or asking for too much to process the request. I would imagine the latter.