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Playa Del Carmen Ensuring Street Vendors Follow Rules For Better Tourist Experience 

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More than 15 million tourists visited Playa del Carmen last year, and there are plenty of things to do while visiting the Mexican Caribbean vacation destination.   

One of the most popular things to do is to walk along the famous 5th Avenue, or Quinta Avenida. This street, in the center of town, is filled with restaurants, shops, cantinas, and street vendors.   

Because the street vendor situation can get out of hand, Playa del Carmen is ensuring that street vendors are following the rules so that tourists can have a better experience.   

5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Street Vendors On 5th Avenue 

Street vendors are a common sight, not just in Playa del Carmen but in the Mexican Caribbean in general, and 5th Avenue is the place to find them in this particular vacation destination.   

Street vendors on this touristy street are required to carry permits, but not all of them do.   

This is how officials are able to control the number of vendors that set up, so that they do not overcrowd this popular avenue.   

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Recent Efforts To Establish Order  

Earlier in the year, it was announced that officials were cracking down on illegal vendors on Playa del Carmen’s 5th Avenue.   

At the time, they started relocating them to side streets due to complaints from shop owners who reported losing business because of their presence.   

Now, as the famous strip becomes overcrowded with vendors again, officials are checking for permits and weeding out illegal vendors so that tourists can better enjoy this popular area.   

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How Tourists Can Help  

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying from street vendors, tourists can help the situation by purchasing from legal vendors, if possible.   

It may not always be easy to tell a legal from an illegal vendor.   

But if the setup seems sketchy or the vendor seems to be trying to hide, it might indicate that they are not supposed to be there.   

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Calming The Chaos 

Playa del Carmen’s Quinta Avenida is already a busy area, typically packed with both tourists and locals.   

The excessive number of street vendors adds to the chaos of the street.   

Limiting the number of vendors and where they can set up helps to calm the chaos a little and makes walking down 5th Avenue more enjoyable.   

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The Business Factor 

In the past, when 5th Avenue has been overcrowded with street vendors, shop owners have claimed to lose business to vendors.   

This is because often street vendors will sell many of the same items.   

Not only do they typically sell these items for less, but by being set up in front of shops, tourists see the vendors first before even entering a shop.   

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Shopping On 5th Avenue  

There are all kinds of shops on 5th Avenue, ranging from high-end clothing stores to inexpensive souvenir stores and shops selling handmade goods.   

The variety that can be found on this popular avenue makes it the perfect place to spend a day shopping.   

Additionally, you can enjoy some great authentic Mexican restaurants and a nice cold drink at a number of bars that line the avenue.   

Locals and Tourists on Playa del Carmen's 5th Avenue

Things To Do On 5th Avenue 

In addition to shopping, dining, and socializing, there are plenty of other things to do on 5th Avenue.   

Along this famous street, you’ll find an art gallery, a museum, a park, and near where 5th Avenue intersects with 12th Street, numerous bars and clubs.   

So whether you’re shopping or enjoying the many things to do, you’re sure to have fun when visiting 5th Avenue.

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