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Isla Mujeres Facing Flooding Issues Despite Recent Works Aiming To Solve The Problem

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The municipality of Isla Mujeres has been dealing with a water issue that continues to leave travelers all wet when enjoying a vacation getaway to the Mexican Caribbean island.

Flooding on Isla Mujeres

Despite the recent work of public works officials on Isla Mujeres, flooding continues on the island even after just a moderate amount of rainfall.

Isla Mujeres and Cancun surrounded by the Caribbean Sea.

The issue really compounds itself when a tropical weather system with heavy rain comes through and puts a halt to a lot of the tourist activity on the island.

That impact includes access to the critical Comprehensive Port Administration of Quintana Roo port terminal on the island.

This terminal is commonly used by tourists and forces visitors to Isla Mujeres to wade through standing water to enter and leave the terminal as part of their vacation getaway to the island.

According to reports, the stormwater drain system got clogged and forced the travelers accessing the area around the terminal where the water level rose up to 30 centimeters (nearly one foot) high.

The local municipal law enforcement was called out to help direct drivers and travelers around the flooding.

Isla mujeres yellow and blue ferry

Flood Frustrates Tourists

Not only were locals frustrated with the lack of resolution on the issue around the flooding in Isla Mujeres. Travelers to the island were also upset by the experience.

Many of them cited the need for public works and local municipal officials to find a solution to the wet problem.

The flooding for several hours caused headaches for travelers who had to wade through dirty stormwater just to cross the streets of Isla Mujeres.

Pedestrian street in Isla Mujeres with stormwater drains

They were also splashed as cars and other vehicles sped, kicking up waves of water on travelers walking by.

Workers with the civil protection division were able to come out and clear the clogged drainage system to provide some relief.

While it should only take 15 minutes to drain the water in a fully functioning drainage system, it took more than three hours. During the time the water levels were still simply too high for everyone’s comfort.

It was determined that the municipality needs to explore adding additional drainpipes in the area to help resolve the issue in the future.

isla mujeres street

Water in the Tourist Zone

Even the main tourist zone was impacted by the flooding. More than 1.6 kilometers of the boardwalk area were flooded.

This not only had a negative influence on visitors looking to enjoy their beach resort vacation on Isla Mujeres. It also impacted local businesses trying to provide products and services to visitors.

A local business owner reflected that not only does the flood cause issues for travelers who are trying to enjoy their vacation on island, it also creates a negative impression of Isla Mujeres in the mind of travelers which is often shared on social media.

Main street on Isla Mujeres

Business owners urged the local municipality of Isla Mujeres to solve the problem before it starts to affect tourist perception of the island and traveler reservations.

What Tourists Need to Know

The flooding on Isla Mujeres is an unfortunate situation, and tourists have to be prepared to deal with the issue, especially when tropical weather systems impact the area.

The municipality is aware of the problem and is working to find a solution to resolve the flooding. However, they have not been able to create a way to solve the problem yet.

Impressions By Secrets Isla Mujeres Render

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