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Cancun Tourists Will Soon Have Another Option Besides Uber While Traveling 

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One of the most important things to consider for your Cancun vacation, once you have your flights and hotel booked, is how you’re going to get around while you’re there.   

Transportation can be expensive, but it is safe and easily accessible because there are several different options to choose from, including Uber.   

Now, Cancun tourists will soon have another option similar to, but besides Uber, while traveling.   

This new option is a rideshare platform called inDrive.   

Small Cars and People on a Street in Cancun, Mexico

The New Ride Platform Available In Cancun 

The inDrive rideshare platform is not new, but it is new to Cancun, and it gives tourists an option that will compete with the popular Uber platform.   

Similarly to Uber, it involves using an app from which users can book a ride through the platform.   

The company is licensed by the Mobility Institute because it complies with all of the requirements to operate in Cancun.   

Cancun taxi drivers are also able to use the app to offer services, so long as they meet the Mobility Institute requirements too.   

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What Makes InDrive Different 

The biggest difference between inDrive, and Uber and other rideshare platforms, is in the pricing.   

Rather than using an algorithm to determine ride prices, users can negotiate prices.   

You can either make an offer to drivers who can then accept or counteroffer, or you can enter your trip and wait for an offer from different drivers. 

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Why Choose InDrive? 

The method of pricing used on the inDrive platform can mean cheaper rides in Cancun for tourists.   

According to the company, this can result in up to 20 percent savings compared to other options.   

Additionally, the fact that the company complies with local mobility laws means that drivers will likely not deal with the aggression that Uber drivers have from taxi drivers.   

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A Note About Getting To And From The Airport 

As of right now Uber still cannot pick up at Cancun Airport, because they are not licensed by the Mobility Institute, but rather registered as a private business.   

InDrive is licensed by the Mobility Institute, but there is no mention as to whether drivers using the platform will be able to operate at the airport.   

Once tourists start using the app, time will tell if this will be an option.   

Cars, Taxis, and Shuttles Outside of Cancun International Airport

InDrive’s Place In Mexico 

While inDrive is new in Cancun, it isn’t the company’s first foray into Mexican territory.   

The ridesharing and taxi app is already operating in 50 cities throughout Mexico.   

Among them are Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara.   

On a larger scale, the app is available in a total of 48 countries.   

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Future Expansion Predictions For The Mexican Caribbean  

Currently, Cancun is the only Mexican Caribbean destination that inDrive is available in, but the company does have plans to expand.   

In Cancun alone, the company is expecting as many as 2,000 drivers to provide ride-hailing services.   

As the platform gains popularity, the company will then consider expanding to the popular Mexican Caribbean destinations of Playa del Carmen and Tulum.   

This would be especially good news for Tulum because there are no rideshare platforms that currently operate in the destination.   

Playa del Carmen Highway

Other Modes of Transportation In Cancun  

InDrive is giving Cancun visitors one more option to choose from, as there are several other options.   

Taxis, shuttles, ADO buses, Uber, DiDi, and private transportation are all available as well.   

The latter is often the preferred choice because you can book in advance and know what you’re paying upfront, in addition to having your driver waiting for you upon arrival for your Cancun vacation.

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