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Gorgeous New Tourist Attraction Near Cancun Opens To Tourists 

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Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean at large may be most known for paradisiacal beaches, but the attractions worth visiting don’t stop there.   

There are endless sights and activities for history and culture buffs, the adventurous, and certainly for tourists who love spending time outdoors.   

Now, another gorgeous new tourist attraction near Cancun has opened to tourists, and nature lovers will love it. 

Car Driving Through the Sian Ka'an Biosphere

Puerto Al Mar 

Puerto al Mar is not just an unbelievable attraction but an experience.   

It will allow you to explore the depths of the Mayan jungle, history, and culture along with nature and ecology on an adventurous journey through minimally explored territory.   

Puerto Al Mar begins in the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, just a few hours from Cancun.   

@zotzdron 📍 Vigía Chico, Reserva de la Biosfera de Sian Ka'an, Quintana Roo, México . Nota: No olviden pedir permiso, cuidar el lugar y llevarse su basura #motociclismo #ecoturismo #sea #mar #selva #monte #viajeros #reserva #siankaan #paisaje #relax #emocional ♬ Love Is Beautifully Painful (Ghost Duet Version) – Darkrose

A Road Through A Natural Paradise 

Puerto al Mar isn’t just a single attraction you visit and then go on your merry way.   

It’s a road that runs nearly 40 miles through a natural paradise full of things to see, from plant and animal life to lagoons and the sea.   

The road begins in Felipe Carrillo Puerto and travels through the middle of the jungle.   

@zotzdron Cruce de agua en el camino a Vigia Chico. 📍 Reserva de la Biosfera de Sian Ka'an, Quintana Roo, México. #motociclismo #aventura #emocionante #inundacion #selva #siankaan #fyp #viral ♬ Song 2 – Blur

What Lies At The End Of The Road 

At the end of the road, you’ll come to a little-known town called Vigia Chico.   

Here you’ll find a monument to the prisoners of the Caste War, as well as access to the Caribbean Sea, which is why the road is aptly referred to as “the door to the sea.”   

Along the way, you’ll find the Sian Ka’an Biosphere, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its abundance of flora and fauna.   

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Nature Along The Way 

The jungle along the Puerto Al Mar is so dense and the wildlife so diverse that you’ll want to take precautions along the way.   

This is both to protect yourself and the important ecosystem of the region itself.   

Informational signs are used along the way to warn of what to watch out for, as well as what not to disturb in order to protect the environment.   

@zotzdron 📍 Segunda laguna / Cenote camino Felipe Carrillo Puerto – Vigía Chico, Quintana Roo, México. #cenote #paisaje #naturaleza #drone #emocional #relax #fyp #viral ♬ Somewhere Only We Know – K.C.P Music

The History Of Puerto Al Mar And Vigia Chico 

Vigia Chico is the capital of Felipe Carrillo Puerto and is rich with Mayan history.   

The route through the jungle leading to the town, the Puerto Al Mar, was once used as a transport route for chewing gum.   

The materials for the chewing gum were extracted from trees located deep within the Mayan Jungle.   

Vigia Chico is a small fishing village that lies at the end of the road that’s known for its lobster fishing methods.   

@zotzdron Noche de Estrellas en el cenote 📍 3era Laguna / cenote camino Felipe Carrillo Puerto – Vigía Chico, Quintana Roo, México #cenote #estrellas #ciclismo #noche #laguna #timelapse #gopro #paisajenocturno ♬ Tell Me Why – Twin

The Sian Ka’an Biosphere 

When traveling along the Puerto al Mar route you’ll have the luxury of driving right into the amazing Sian Ka’an Biosphere.   

The reserve, designated as such in 1986, is home to thousands of species of plant and animal life.   

A year after becoming a designated biosphere reserve, the site was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites due to its abundance of flora and fauna.   

It is the Mexican Caribbean’s largest protected area.   

@martinez.emily Was dying to visit Sian Ka’an Biosphere ever since we booked our trip to Tulum! So happy to get a quick hike in the reserve and be able to enjoy wildlife in its natural habitat. The view from the observation deck was amazing! #tulum #muyil #SianKaan #SianKaanBiosphere #SianKaanBiosphereReserve #ReservadelaBiósferaSianKaan #Biosphere #Reserve #Nature #NatureReserve #Conservation #Hiking #BiosphereHike #Outdoors #Vacation #Adventures #TulumHike #Wildlife #Hiking #TulumHiking #SianKaanHiking #TulumAdventure ♬ Exploration (Coraline) – Instrumental – Hannah Stater

Getting To This Amazing Destination 

To get to the Puerto Al Mar route, until tours are inevitably offered, you’ll have to rent a car.   

If flying into Cancun, you can rent a car right from the airport, or once the Maya Train is complete, you could take the train to Tulum Airport and then rent a car from there.   

Renting a car is easy, affordable, starting at around $30 a day, and safe. The route to Puerto al Mar is easy to follow, as is the route itself, and the scenery is well worth the trip.

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