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High Taxi Prices In Cancun Lead Tourists To Walk To The Airport 

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Taxis are one of the most used forms of transportation to get to and from Cancun Airport and the Hotel Zone, but they aren’t necessarily always the best option. 

In addition to the ongoing battle with Uber, prices are also known to be quite high.   

In fact, high taxi prices in Cancun have even led tourists to walk to the airport recently. 

CANCUN, MEXICO - Unidentified people walking at the enter of Cancun International Airport, Mexico

Cancun’s High Taxi Rates 

Taxi service in Cancun from the airport to the Hotel Zone can be shockingly expensive, costing tourists as much as $65 or more each way.   

The journey between the airport and the popular Hotel Zone is only about 11 miles.   

This high price for such a short ride has led some tourists to walk to the airport instead, or at least walk to get closer to the airport before getting picked up by a transportation provider.   

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Lack of Regulation For Taxi Services 

Although this is steadily changing, much of the reason for the high taxi rates in Cancun is the lack of any real regulation.   

Not all taxi vehicles have meters in them either, so drivers essentially can set the rates themselves, whether they’re supposed to or not, without anyone knowing. Starting in 2024, all Cancun taxis will have to have a meter after the passing of a new law.

The limited regulations also mean that trips are not monitored, so if a complaint is made, there’s no record of the trip to look back on.   

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How To Avoid Being Overcharged  

If you do decide to take a taxi from Cancun Airport to your hotel and/or back, there are a few steps you can take to avoid being overcharged.   

Number one is making sure that you’re taking a legitimate taxi by checking for a registration number on the vehicle and a badge on the windshield.   

Additionally, it’s important to confirm the rate for your ride before getting into the vehicle so that there’s no confusion upon arrival at your destination.   

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Cancun Taxi Drivers 

Overcharging is not the only issue to deal with when taking a taxi in Cancun.   

The drivers themselves have been known to harass tourists, so much so that a large group of them were required to attend training earlier this year because of it.   

In recent months, many drivers have also been sanctioned for attacking Uber drivers, blocking traffic from getting to the airport, and forcing tourists out of Uber vehicles. 


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Fake Cancun Taxis 

Another thing to consider when trying to decide whether or not to take a taxi in Cancun is the growing number of fake taxis operating, particularly at the airport.   

Not only are you even more likely to be overcharged by a fake taxi driver, but your safety is more at risk as well.   

Although rare, it’s not unheard of for tourists to be robbed by a “fake” taxi driver or worse.   

Rundown Cancun Taxi Driving Down the Street

Other Transportation Options In Cancun 

There are a number of transportation options if you choose to avoid taking a taxi.   

Public transportation in the form of buses, airport shuttles, Uber, and private transportation are all options, some of which are much more affordable.   

Each has its own positives and negatives; for example, Uber is cheap but is unable to pick up at the airport and some hotels. However, there is new legislation being explored that could change this soon.

Shuttles and buses are inexpensive too, but may not be as comfortable, and private transportation is the most convenient and comfortable, but pricey.   

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Booking Your Cancun Transportation In Advance 

One major advantage of booking private transportation is that you can book in advance and have your driver waiting at the airport when you arrive.   

This has two additional benefits: 

  1. You can avoid the infamous shark tank at Cancun Airport, which is an area filled with timeshare salespeople, often posing as transportation providers. 
  1. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for your transportation ahead of time. 

These benefits will give you peace of mind as you arrive in Cancun to begin your dream vacation.

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Saturday 25th of November 2023

Ordered Uber for $18 to Airport in May

Hate Cancun taxi service

Friday 10th of November 2023

Just came back from there. Male taxi person who takes payment scammed my credit card and charged over 330 dollars on it before i got to my hotel in Playa at a clothing store. Kept telling me payment was denied on his card reader. Payed cash for the trip. Returning back to the airport I took the ADO bus. Highly recommend and at least a quarter of what the taxi cost. There were literally hundreds of vultures outside of the airport to scam you in some way. The worst part of Mexico is my opinions the taxi service


Saturday 11th of November 2023

@Hate Cancun taxi service,

People need to book next year's vacation in another Carribean destination. After 15 years vacationing in Mexico, I'm done. The minute you arrive at the Airport your being scammed. The Mexican Government allows this to happen, the Corruption starts with the Local Police. They're targeting Rental Cars were you pay a 300-500 Peso Bribe. Boycott Mexico for one Season and you'll see a massive Change. Mexico can't survive without Tourism.


Friday 3rd of November 2023

Just landed there 7 days ago att 1am coming from the US. What a "nice" welcome... There is a flock of green/pink dressed taxi drivers, all coming at you screaming they are the real taxi drivers. Then they wave a badge, and asking for $85,- to the hotel zone. I got it down to 1000MXN, which is still over $50,-. Then there is the lack of working WiFi at the airport, no SIM card shops, so what choice do you have. The general feeling is now continuing throughout my trip, seldom you're greeted with a smile, most of the time you're directly asked for pesos. Do you want to feel like a walking atm? Go the Mexico...


Monday 30th of October 2023

There are buses from the cancun airport that cost 12 USD each way . This is inside the airport right after you pass the car rentals . I took the bus to playa del carmen in July. The same on your way back .


Monday 30th of October 2023

Last time I was in Cancun, took the ADO bus from airport to main terminal. 200MNX taxi ride from ADO main terminal to Hotel Zona!