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New Law Will Increase Tourist Safety In Cancun Taxis Beginning Next Year

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Cancun’s taxi industry is set to become a lot safer next year with the enforcement of a new law that obliges taxi divers to use taximeters starting in April 2024. 

With taxi drivers committing a growing number of crimes, officials are devising new measures to make using taxis safer and more transparent.

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As Cancun gears up for a record-breaking winter season, here’s the latest on what officials are doing to tackle overcharging in the Mexican Caribbean taxi industry.

Cancun Law To Tackle Taxi Scams 

Taxis are a ubiquitous sight across Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean. And for many travelers, taking one is almost a necessity in a region that is infamous for its lack of public transport options.

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Unfortunately, crimes committed by taxi drivers are on the rise. A new report by state security officials shows that taxi drivers were responsible for nearly 300 serious crimes over the past year, a figure which has skyrocketed as Cancun soars in popularity with travelers.

And with major infrastructure projects like the Maya Train set to make the Mexican Caribbean even more popular later this year, officials have announced a flurry of new measures to protect travelers from taxi scams.

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One of the latest and most significant measures is a new law that will make the use of taximeters in the Mexican Caribbean’s taxis legally binding starting next year.

The decision, which is part of a wider legislative package known as the Ley de Movilidad del Estado de Quintana Roo, is designed to create greater pricing transparency for travelers and residents. 

The new framework will come into effect in April 2024, but authorities are already testing new taximeter prototypes in taxis across the Mexican Caribbean.

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According to Rodrigo Alcazar, the head of Quintana Roo’s Mobility Institute, experts are currently mulling several different options that will later be implemented progressively during early 2024. 

“We hope to find suitable software by the end of the year so that we can begin rolling out the new taximeters in Cancun’s taxis,” Mr. Alcazar said in a media interview regarding the drastic new measure. 

The head of Quintana Roo’s public transportation agency also added that officials would conduct technical testing across several Mexican Caribbean locations with minimal traffic flows over the coming months, including Felipe Carillo Puerto and Bacalar. Afterward, experts will increase the scope of the pilot program to busier hotspots, including Cancun. 

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Authorities say implementing taximeters will largely benefit visitors, who are often the target of scams, especially overcharging. For now, each municipality will be able to determine specific policies regarding rates and additional chargers. As a rule of thumb, however, travelers will be able to pay for their ride once it has concluded. 

Mexican Caribbean officials have stepped up efforts to penalize taxi drivers who are caught overcharging travelers. In recent months, Uber has seen its popularity skyrocket in the sun-drenched region as travelers transition to using the ride-sharing app to avoid astronomical taxi fares.

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Meanwhile, new measures will come into effect towards the end of the year that seek to protect Uber users. Officials are currently testing a new ‘panic button’ that can be accessed from the Uber app, allowing users to contact law enforcement in case they are threatened by violent taxi drivers.

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With a record-breaking winter season on the horizon, it’s unlikely that taxis will become obsolete in the Mexican Caribbean. On the other hand, new efforts to protect travelers and residents will hopefully make taxis cheaper, safer, and more reliable.

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