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Jeweler Near Cancun Sells Fake Jewelry To American Tourist For Hundreds — Here’s How To Spot The Scam 

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Scams in tourist destinations are common, but they can be avoided if you’re vigilant and know what to watch out for.   

Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy, as one tourist recently found out while visiting the Mexican Caribbean.   

In this case, a jeweler near Cancun sold fake jewelry to an American tourist for hundreds of dollars, but there are ways to spot the scam so you don’t become a victim too.   

Hearing another traveler’s story is one way to know what to watch out for. 

Woman Holding a Ring at a Jewelry Store

An American Tourist Buys Fake Jewelry Near Cancun 

According to reports, an American tourist visited the Caribbean Island jewelry store in Isla Mujeres and purchased two rings from the jeweler working at the time.   

Both of the rings were advertised as being white gold inlaid with diamonds, but the customer later found out that they were silver and cubic zirconia.   

There would be a significant difference in price between real white gold and diamonds and silver and cubic zirconia, so the tourist got scammed out of a significant amount of money.   

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The Difference Between Real And Fake 

The American tourist paid over $500 for the two rings purchased at the jewelry store.   

The estimated value of the fake jewelry is less than $300.   

If the rings were actually real 14-karat white gold and diamond, they would have cost around $3,000.  

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If It Sounds Too Good To Be True… 

The first way to spot a scam like this is always to remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.   

That’s not to say that you can’t get a good deal sometimes, including on jewelry.   

But it’s very unlikely that a jeweler is going to sell $3,000 worth of jewelry for $500.   

@marinahasbun Reply to @15dolabundle @dorojewelers ♬ original sound – Marina Hasbun

Think About The Pricing 

If you’re going to make a purchase for something like jewelry, it’s important to know a little bit about the pricing in order to spot a scam.   

If you know going in what the estimated cost would be for the jewelry you’re purchasing, then you know that somebody isn’t going to sell it to you for pennies on the dollar.   

So the first way to spot a scam is to think about the pricing and ask yourself if it sounds too good to be true.   

Mexican pesos and US dollars

Look For Markings 

If you’re thinking maybe you’re just getting a good price for some reason, but you’re still not sure, look for markings.   

Most jewelry made out of real precious metals will have some sort of marking or stamp on it.   

In the case of the rings sold to the American tourist, they were supposedly 14 karat white gold, so it’s likely that there would be a 14K, 14KT, or .585 stamp somewhere on the ring, although this is not always the case, but it is one thing to check for.   

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Inspect For Wear And Scratches  

Wear or scratches on jewelry is another indicator of its purity.   

Real diamonds and certain other gems have a very hard surface, so they are not prone to scratches.   

As far as metals go, if the jewelry is just plated rather than solid gold, you might find wear and scratches on it, especially if the jewelry is being resold, so be sure to watch out for this to avoid being scammed too.   

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What Happened To The Jewelry Store And Customer 

According to the manager of the jewelry store, the individual who sold the American tourist the fake jewelry was a temporary employee and has been terminated.   

The manager has stated that they are willing to refund the money for the rings purchased.   

The customer, a woman named Mary Sanchez, has not sought out that refund yet.

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