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Missing Paraguayan Tourist Found Dead Near Cancun

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Tragic End For Month-Long Search For His Body

DNA tests have confirmed that human remains found on the beaches of Cancun are that of Francisco Luis Alberto Talavera, the Paraguayan tourist who went missing last month. The month-long search ended this week.

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The tragic end was expected after over a month of fruitless searches. Talavera’s mother had traveled to Cancun to assist with the search process and offered the DNA sample that led to the identification of the body.

Talavera had been in Cancun for a friend’s wedding and was enjoying the beach with two friends when he entered the water. According to his friends, after entering he was met with problems and was seen flailing his arms around from deeper water. A friend entered the water to help him but was unable to locate him in the dying light and waves. After struggling for a few moments they lost sight of him and he wasn’t seen again.


Reports suggest a red flag was displayed at the time, suggesting the water was not safe to enter. When a red flag is shown by lifeguards, strong currents or waves and swimmers are advised not to enter the water for their own safety. It was also later in the evening, around 6:30 PM when lifeguards are no longer patrolling the beach.

As it turns out, his body was discovered only a short time after his disappearance. On March 15th tourists enjoying their day on Gaviotas Beach in Cancun were shocked to discover human remains in a black bag. The bag contained a human pelvis, femur, and pieces of the spine.

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At the time, authorities made no immediate connection to Talavera and it was treated as a homicide. It was not until the remains were tested against his mother’s DNA sample that they were identified as his. This took place a month later on the 12th of April. The repatriation process has been started by the Mexican and Paraguayan authorities and his remains are expected to be home with his family in the coming days.

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Oddly, for all of the reports found documenting the disappearance and identification of Talavera, there appear to be no suggestions of foul play. With less than a week between his disappearance and the discovery of his remains, there have been no questions asked as to why he was found in a black bag and only parts of his body.

A human body, even in water, could not have decomposed that quickly, and the fact that he was found in a black bag adds further questions.

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As to whether any further investigation is being done is unclear, but the general consensus across multiple media outlets and the police themselves is that the case is concluded.

Assuming the incident was a drowning, it was one of multiple that have happened over the past few months. With the Easter season in full swing, lifeguards in the area will be on high alert to ensure no more problems occur.

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With the beaches packed and opening times extended, the likelihood of tourists running into problems in the water is drastically increased. The government has invested in added personnel to help bolster tourist safety. That includes extra lifeguards, paramedics in boats along the coast, and more police and military who are all also trained in first aid.

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Tourists visiting Cancun and the rest of Cancun should make themselves aware of the safety flags on the beach to ensure they don’t run into problems. A red flag signifies that the waters could be dangerous and swimmers shouldn’t enter.

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