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Playa Del Carmen Beach Closes After Shark Sighting

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Frequent shark sightings in Playa del Carmen led to a beach closure, which then concluded with experts identifying the sighting as “common and without danger”. 

Beach entry was temporarily banned in Playa Xcalacoco in northern Playa del Carmen recently due to bull sharks spotted near the shore. In response, biologists from the Saving Our Sharks organization say that it is common for sharks to approach the coast to have their young during this season between November and March. 

shark in beach waters

To add to that, Pamela Vázquez, coordinator of the Saving Our Sharks organization stated that shark sightings are frequent events and are not as dangerous as people perceive. 

“We must understand that they are in their habitat and are part of this environment. They are wild animals, yes, but they are not the killers that people imagine,” she said.

The coast of Quintana Roo has been commonplace for Shark sightings for years now. Marine tourism companies have used this opportunity to cater shark diving tours.

Playa del Carmen beach activities

The biologist believes it is unnecessary for people to enable fear towards the natural situation.

She emphasized the importance of recognizing shark habitat and not feeling threatened by the species. “If we see one, we must remain calm. There are few incidents worldwide, perhaps 10 a year, yet we extract millions of them every year from the sea, so in reality, we are the predators,” she said.

bull shark in Mexico

Vázquez clarified the situation by reiterating the inexistence of shark attack incidents on the premises. “If lifeguards see sharks they ask people to come out of the water so that the sharks can have their space, but there have been no incidents,”

She also emphasized the species’ significance on the ecological system stating “They are species that are key to ecological balance.”

Meanwhile, tourism companies have put activities into place in an attempt to utilize the area as an attraction to promote understanding for the intimidating species.

shark diving tour

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Sunday 7th of March 2021

Some people watch to many shark moves and freak out.I love sharks hell I love the ocean.