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Cancun To Tulum Maya Train Begins Construction

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Construction has officially started on the the section of the Maya Train that will run from the Cancun International Airport to Tulum. The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Quintana Roo Governor, Carlos Joaquin were on location to kick off the project.

Cancun To Tulum Train Begins Construction

This part of the route will be fully electric and will have feature four train stations. Section 5 of the Maya Train is expected to be one of the most important sections of the track as it will connect the tourism hotspots of Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and Tulum. In recent years, Tulum has exploded in popularity with the younger generation of travelers looking for that perfect Instagram shot, vegan cafes and never ending yoga sessions.


Cancun will be considered the entrance to the Maya Train due its huge popularity and excellent flight connectivity. The northern end of the track from Cancun to Playa Del Carmen is being constructed by the Mexican military and its expert engineers. The southern section will be built by the previously awarded bidder, Grupo México and Acciona consortium.

The Parque Fundadores, Playa del Carmen

Once completed, the high-speed train system will link the famous beaches of the Riviera Maya to Mayan ruins sites, culturally-rich towns, and various tourist destinations in the Yucatán Peninsula and beyond..

The train will make traveling to Playa Del Carmen and Tulum affordable, fast and more efficient for travelers.

tourists enjoy Maya Ruins Tulum beach

The total Maya Train project carried an estimated cost of about USD $7.4 billion, with a timeline of four years to build. Though, since the project has been in progress, the funding has significantly exceeded the estimated budget.

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