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These 3 Archeological Areas Near Cancun Will Open To The Public For The First Time Ever

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In the ‘magical town’ of Izamal (near Cancun) lie many pre-Hispanic archeological sites that are popular tourist attractions, though none more impressive than the Kinch Kakmó Pyramid – named after a Mayan solar deity. 

Ancient Ruins in Izamal

With the sudden boom in cultural tourism taking hold of the Mexican Caribbean and with the arrival of the new Mayan train, which is set to unlock all the hidden gems of the Yucatan Peninsula, three new sites are being opened to the public that have never been seen before.

Kinich Kakmó Pyramid And The New Areas

The Kinich Kakmó Pyramid is an impressive structure and an important pilgrimage site for the Maya.

It is a popular place for tourists who choose to visit Izamal and is only set to become more so with it having its own stop on the Maya Train. 

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This site is one of the biggest pyramids in Mexico and allows visitors to climb it physically to witness the incredible views at the top – Antonio de Padua Convent, Izamal City, and the Yucatan Jungle. 

After reopening after the COVID-19 pandemic, a new ‘basement’ area of the pyramid became available to tourists, thanks to the work of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).

The INAH has been working tirelessly all over the region to reopen and expand offerings to tourists. 

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Itzamatul, Habit, Tu’ul and Chaltún Ha are all part of the same ancient settlement that, over time and with the arrival of the Spanish and historical development of Izamal, slowly went into decline and became the ruins that you can see today. 

These new sites are available for the public to visit free of charge and are open from Monday to Sunday, 8 am to 5 pm.

Thanks to funding and investment in the new Program for the Improvement of Archeological Zones (Promeza), more than 170 pre-Hispanic structures have been registered within Izamal and paint a fascinating picture of ancient Mayan life more than 1,500 years ago. 

All of these sites will allow tourists to learn and educate themselves on the growth and development that Izamal went through to become what it is today: a thriving city that is also known for being iconically painted yellow.

Kinich Kakmo Pyramid in Izamal

The Magical Town Of Izamal 

Nominated for the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list, this colorful city is in the heart of Yucatan and offers some incredible attractions and stand-out places to visit for tourists. 

With ancient Mayan ruins, nearby cenotes, and mouthwatering cuisine options, Izamal should be high up there on places you want to visit if you find yourself in the Mexican Caribbean. 

Sitting between the capital city of Merida and the Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins, this lesser-known ‘Magical Town’ is known for being painted yellow. 

Yellow House in the Magic Town of Izamal

Though nobody fully knows the reason why, some believe it is to honor the Mayan Sun God, Kinich Kai Moo, while others say it is to repel mosquitoes. 

Whatever the reason, it is certainly a very instragrammable destination and perfect for some fun content. 

Along with the ancient Mayan ruins mentioned above, the former Franciscan Convento de San Antonio de Padua is one of the oldest Catholic monasteries on the Americas Continent and a definite must-see. 

Iconic yellow painted building in Izamal

The outdoor atrium at the Convent is the second largest in the world, with the Vatican earning first place, and hosts several 16th-century paintings and an impressive sundial. 

Izamal is also host to some unique Yucatecan cuisine that cannot be tasted anywhere else in Mexico, with some of the most popular dishes being cochinita pibil, soap de lima (lime soup), paunches, salutes, queso relleno and relleno negro. 

Whether you want to try these cuisines at one of many recommend local restaurants or from the street food vendors of the local Mercado Municipal De Izamal, you certainly won’t have tasted food like this anywhere else. 

Woman at Izamal

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