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Tourists File Over 1,000 Complaints At Cancun Airport

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Last December, the Federal Consumer Protector’s Office reopened their complaint office in Cancun International Airport to respond to tourist issues related to the operations of the airport and the airlines transporting passengers.

Since its opening almost four months ago, the complaint office recently confirmed that they have received more than 1,300 complaints from travelers using the airport for their beach resort vacation getaway.

Mostly Complaints Against Airlines

Cancun Airport Duty Free

The Federal Consumer Protector’s Office was originally opened in Terminal 2 to respond to travelers’ issues and complaints.

However, the in-demand service was recently expanded to investigate complaints related to Terminals 3 and 4 at Cancun International Airport.

According to the files, more than 70 percent of the complaints are related to airlines overbooking their flights.

Two airlines are the focus of many of the complaints – VivaAerobus and Volaris.

Several other complaints were lodged against the car rental agencies at Cancun International Airport for non-compliance and abuse of visitors to the Mexican Caribbean tourist hotspot.

Tourists Waiting to Be Picked Up at Cancun Airport

About 30 Complaints Per Day

The Federal Consumer Protector’s Office reports that they respond to anywhere from 30 to 35 complaints by travelers each and every day.

That’s not too bad, considering that Cancun International Airport roughly has about 500 departures and arrivals daily.

The Resolution Process

Tourists Using the Kiosks at Cancun International Airport

The idea behind the office is to enable vacation travelers to provide their feedback about the customer service of the airport and airlines in real-time and to assist them in finding immediate resolutions.

They try to help visitors without the need to report the issue once they return to their country of origin or take up their valuable vacation time trying to resolve a problem with the airport or airline.

They work with the airport or airline right at the airport to solve the tourists’ issues, and both parties are advised in real-time to reach an agreement about the problem.

Cancun Airport Filled With Travelers

If the issue can’t be solved easily at the airport, the follow-up is sent to the traveler once they arrive at their destination in the Mexican Caribbean or back home after vacation.

Most issues are actually quickly resolved by the agency working closely with airport and airline customer service teams to help tourists with their complaints.

However, several have taken a bit longer time to resolve and needed an official follow-up response from the proper customer service officials.

viva aerobus airplane

There has also been some very valuable feedback from travelers which has resulted in improvements to operations at the airport.

For example, new kiosks have been deployed in Cancun International Airport to help streamline the actual traveler check-in process to five minutes or less.

What Travelers Need to Know

Passengers boarding a Volaris flight

Tourists experiencing issues when traveling at Cancun International Airport should first try to resolve any issues with the airline.

They are the officials who can have the most access to make changes and assist with specific travel problems.

If visitors are unable to resolve the issue with the airline or airport personnel, the officials at the Federal Consumer Protector’s Office can step in to try to resolve the problem.

Of the 1,300 complaints filed since December, they have been able to solve most of the issues by working with travelers right at the airport. Some have taken a bit longer to resolve.

Cancun Airport Departure Board

Tourists should be aware that the operator of Cancun International Airport is actually a privately owned business that trades on the stock exchange in the United States.

It is not operated by a government agency.

Regardless, travelers should be aware that the Federal Consumer Protector’s Office is concerned about airport issues and is dedicated to ensuring that travelers have the best experience possible while using Cancun International Airport for their beach resort vacation getaway.

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Loreto nunez

Sunday 24th of March 2024

Car rentals is a big abuse on there part, at the terminal they tell you a price, but when you go to the office to get the contract to rent a car they over charge you and they ask you for a 200.00 dollar deposit to get your ride and most of the times you dont get your money back that happens all the time. They supose to put your money back to your credit card but they dont do it and when you are back to usa is very hard to get your money.


Sunday 24th of March 2024

People will always complain about something! I have flown into and out of Cancun airport many times and find it functions professionally and without any problems