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Traveling To Cancun Is Now Cheaper As Peak Season Ends

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With the end of the peak season prices for a Cancun vacation are expected to go down considerably. Making a trip to the Mexican beach city more affordable for both local and international travelers. In a report titled Triple Index Cities, by TNS Cancun has dropped from being the 7th most expensive city to vacation to spot number 42 on the list. This price drop may very well explain why 212,000 tourists arrived to the region in the height of the peak season a couple of weeks back. 

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Plenty of theories as to why the area has been able to surpass pre pandemic visitor numbers have also circulated. The fact that Cancun COVID guidelines were lighter than what was in place at other vacation spots in the region may have something to do with it. The bottom line though, seems to be the fact that prices for a Cancun vacation have dropped drastically in the last few years. 

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How Much Does It Cost To Vacation In Cancun? 

According to the previously mentioned report a 3 night stay for 2 people in the Cancun region at a 4 star hotel, plus daily activities that include visiting important tourist spots in the region, and daily meals will set you back on average about 1100 USD at the lower end of the scale. The same type of trip can set you back over 2500 USD at the higher end of the scale. 

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Of course, the price difference depends on what part of the city you’re staying at, and particularly the restaurants, and tourist attractions that you decide to visit. For comparison though, the prices that you would’ve had to pay to make the same type of trip in 2019 went from 1400 to 2000 USD. Keep in mind that these price ranges do not include air travel, as those fees could vary dramatically depending where you’re traveling from.   

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Comparing Cancun To Other Tourist Spots Throughout The World

Lower prices for travelers to the region may have been a very effective strategy for local hotels and businesses. It seems that other cities around the globe did not copy the strategy that Cancun businesses set in motion. According to the TNS report a similar trip to NYC will set you back at least 2200 dollars. Heading to Geneva in Switzerland for those same 3 days will cost you over 3000 dollars, while a Tokyo or Hong Kong vacation can go for 2300 to 2500 dollars respectively for a short stay at a 4 star hotel. 

NYC Is More Expensive Than Cancun

Local Travel Agencies Are Worried That Low Prices Won’t Persist In The Region    

In spite of the fact that the number of tourists arriving to the region has surpassed even optimistic expectations, local businesses are worried that the arrival of so many tourists isn’t sustainable. Particularly if businesses want to start increasing the prices on the services that they provide. Some hotels for example have dropped their prices by 27% to incentivise the arrival of tourists through 2021. Just how long these facilities will be able to operate with similar margins remains to be seen. There are other issues that concern the owners of local travel agencies as well, particularly their perceived reliance on beaches to draw in tourists. The owner of a local travel agency recently told reporters, 

Paris Offers More Activities Than Cancun

“When compared to other cities like New York or Paris which offer cultural activities, and shopping amongst other things, in Quintana Roo we depend almost entirely on the beaches. The COVID pandemic showed that we are losing ground against other destinations across the world”

Less Crowds Expected In Cancun

The number of tourists arriving to the region doesn’t necessarily support claims that Cancun is losing ground. There’s an argument to be made that it has actually gained ground. Although, keeping prices low, and beaches clean are certainly the main challenges the region has to conquer to remain profitable. 

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