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Tulum Will Deploy Thousands Of Troops To Protect Tourists With Opening Of New Airport And Maya Train 

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There are a lot of amazing benefits that will come with the opening of the Tulum Airport and the inauguration of the Maya Train next month.   

One of those benefits will be growth in population and tourist traffic around those areas.  

As with anything else, though, you have to take the good with the bad, and one of the things that officials are worried about is an increase in crime.   

It is for this reason that Tulum will deploy thousands of troops to protect tourists with the opening of the new airport and Maya Train station.   

National Guard Truck on the Street in Tulum, Mexico

Tulum’s Security Operation Plan 

Authorities in Tulum recently made an announcement at a press conference that they would be further enhancing security around the Tulum Airport and Maya Train station.   

One of the things that they’ll be doing is hiring more police officers to get up to the 215 goal from the 174 they currently have in the area.   

There will also be 12 state security elements that will be permanently deployed to the area.   

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The National Guard At Tulum Airport 

In addition to police officers and other state security officials, the National Guard will be present at the new Tulum Airport as well.   

It was already announced weeks ago that thousands of National Guard troops would be in charge of protecting the airport and train station and their users.   

Now, in this most recent press conference, officials announced that more than 3,000 more troops will be deployed to the area.  

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Crime In Tulum 

Tulum doesn’t have any major crime issues but it is advised to exercise caution when traveling in any Mexican Caribbean vacation destination.   

According to Quintana Roo’s Attorney General, Raciel Lopez Salazar, Tulum has less crime than many other destinations in the region.   

The concern is that the population of around 90,000 will begin to grow upon completion of the airport and Maya Train projects.   

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Location Of The Airport And Train Station 

The Tulum Airport, also known as the Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport, and the on-site Maya Train station will be located a bit outside of the city of Tulum.   

The site’s location is about 12 miles southwest of Tulum, in the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto.   

The close proximity to Tulum will allow travelers to get to their vacation destination quickly upon arriving at the airport. 

high speed train at station

Tulum Airport 

The new Tulum International Airport won’t be quite as big as Cancun’s exceedingly busy airport, but it will be large enough to take some of the pressure off of Cancun.   

It will have the capacity to carry out more than 30,000 annual operations.   

That adds up to 5 million travelers that the airport will be able to serve every year.   

american airlines flight

The Maya Train 

The Maya Train project is even bigger than the Tulum Airport project, spanning the Yucatan Peninsula in its entirety.   

The Tulum Airport will have its own Maya Train station, so visitors arriving at the airport will be able to hop on the train and get to pretty much anywhere in the Mexican Caribbean.   

It will be a safer, faster, and according to preliminary information, cheaper way to travel throughout the region.  

Maya Train route map displaying main stops

Opening Dates For The Two Major Projects 

Both the Maya Train and the Tulum Airport are scheduled to begin operating next month.   

The Maya Train’s operations will begin on December 15th with the initial inauguration of the Chiapas to Cancun section.   

Section 5, which is the Cancun to Tulum route, will not begin running until sometime in January.   

The Tulum Airport will begin operations on December 1st, with domestic flights only.   

It will not be until March that international flights to the airport will be available for travelers.

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Friday 1st of December 2023

Interesting. Do travelers and tourists really enjoy themselves knowing they must have armed forces and security patrolling "paradise" while on vacation? Another example of the masses having their brains wiped by social media, making them clueless to reality. I am sure most show up only with expectations borne out their Tiktok and IG feeds.


Saturday 2nd of December 2023


Social media only reenforces their basis, I agree. I travel a lot for business. My experience, not the nations army I worry, its the local police and cab drivers, I worry...."its illegal to offer a bribe, but you get a discount on your fine if you pay cash on the spot."


Wednesday 29th of November 2023

3000 more troops scaring the traveling public is a terrible idea and poorly thought through and I’m sure it will be even more poorly executed. Travelers hate seeing guns. Don’t you get it?


Saturday 2nd of December 2023

@Angel juarez,

So are tourists scared, esp those not from the Americas. Only reenforces the trope of the Americas (USA and Mexico) full of violent people.

Angel juarez

Thursday 30th of November 2023

@NomadAsh, only drug dealers and consumers will be scared.

Angel juarez

Thursday 30th of November 2023