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New Frida Kahlo Museum Opening For Tourists In Tulum

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Just in case you missed it, Tulum is fast becoming one of the most popular and trendiest destinations in the Mexican Caribbean, with its new international airport beginning operations in just a matter of days. 

Not only is the entire region experiencing a boom like no other in the tourism sector this year, but specifically Tulum’s visitor numbers are reaching new heights; a promising sign for things to come, as the new ‘Felipe Carrillo Puerto’ is set to hold a capacity of 5.5 million passengers annually. 

Frida Kahlo painting

As more and more tourists flock to the upcoming, trendy destination, the expansion of tourist attractions seems to be never-ending in Tulum, meaning you will not be running out of fun things to do when you choose to visit.

New Museum Opening 

With a focus on the countless cultural options on offer in Tulum, it has been announced that a new permanent and immersive museum dedicated to Frida Kahlo in the heart of the infamous archeological zone will be inaugurated in the coming months. 

An investment of about 2 million dollars has been given to the project and will give tourists an immersive experience through screens and sounds into the life of the great Mexican artist. 

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Picking a prime location within Tulum, specifically in the archeological zone, will give tourists yet another opportunity to experience the wealth of culture that sits right at its doorstep, and with more and more people being interested in archaeological and historical tourism, what better place for this exciting new project!

Ever since the pandemic, local governments have been doing everything in their power to expand offerings for their visitors in order to stabilize and regain dominance as the place to come for vacation, and the Frida Kahlo Museum is just one of a huge number of things that tourists should be excited about when visiting.

Whether you choose to fly directly into the new billion-dollar airport or take the new billion-dollar Maya train from Cancun(or tonnes of other destinations) instead, be sure to check out the ancient Mayan ruins that are synonymous with Tulum and the new museum that is right next door.

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What’s that you say? You get to have the vacation of a lifetime and be culturally invigorated all at the same time? Sounds good to us!

Why Is Tulum Becoming So Trendy?

It is an ecotourism destination

Whether you are knowingly choosing this place for that reason or not, you are not going to be left desiring more natural beauty and wonders, that’s for sure.

Everything about this place is about the preservation and conservation of the beauty that is Tulum.

From the very fabric of its eco-boutique hotels to its incredible Tulum National Park and the Sian-Ka’an Natural Reserve, and not forgetting its iconic beaches and cenotes, the natural beauty of the place has people returning in their droves all the time.

aeriel view of cenote in Tulum

As humanity becomes ever more concerned with how we are looking after the world, this conscious destination will make you feel glad to be there and even more glad that they are taking it seriously. 

It is a place to relax.

You know those vacations where you go away for two weeks for some rest and relaxation, only to come back home more stressed than when you left? 

Well, there is no worry about that when choosing Tulum. 

It is no secret that during the summer and winter high seasons in the Mexican Caribbean, places like Cancun can become overly crowded and busy to the point where it might not be the most relaxing of times…

Stunning White Sand Beach in Tulum, Mexico

With Tulum’s focus on being a leading wellness tourism destination, as well as being named by Forbes as the ‘World Capital of Yoga’, you are certainly going to feel zen here. 

There are quite literally spas and wellness centers everywhere, as well as health-minded eateries and work spots for the digital nomads among you, giving you the mind, body and soul treatment whenever you need it. 

It’s laidback, hippie vibe that is it known for attracts the tourist who doesn’t want to feel as though they are being suffocated by the noise and nightlife of somewhere like the infamous hotel zone in Cancun. 

Tulum tourist attraction with tourists taking photos

It is full of culture. 

As you have seen, Tulum wants the focus on cultural offerings and experiences to never end for its visitors. 

The Frida Kahlo Museum adds itself to the numerous art galleries and museums in the area, known also for being a hugely popular place for art and music festivals, creating a bohemian feel for the city. 

Of course, there are the iconic Mayan ruins that are set upon the cliffside of Tulum, overlooking the crystal blue waters that lie beneath it, dating back from 1,500 years ago. 

Its history and influence still permeate through the heart and soul of the community today and is simply unmissable if you choose to come here.

ruins in Tulum overlooking the ocean

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