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Uber Attacked In Cancun With Former Twitter Executive On Board 

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Cancun taxi drivers have had an ongoing battle with Uber drivers ever since they entered the market for the first time years ago.   

They have blocked Uber drivers from getting where they’re going, thrown various objects at their vehicles, and have even physically attacked drivers.   

In some cases, tourists have even been present for these attacks, as is the case with an Uber that was recently attacked in Cancun, with former Twitter executive Esther Crawford, on board.   

Uber Vehicle on the Road at Night

From Dinner To Disaster  

When the former Twitter executive left a Cancun restaurant with her partner on the evening of August 15, the couple decided to book an Uber to get to where they were going.   

They were barely in the vehicle yet when they realized that it might be a bad idea.   

The Uber vehicle was surrounded by taxi drivers who were not happy to see Uber operating in the area.   

The Attack On An Uber Driver 

Once in the back seat, the pair witnessed a brutal attack on the driver of the Uber vehicle.   

According to comments made by Ms. Crawford on social media, one of the taxi drivers tried to reach into the front of the vehicle in an attempt to remove the vehicle’s keys.   

The worst part, though, is that another individual actually punched the Uber driver through his window as other taxi drivers surrounded the vehicle and yelled threats at the driver.   

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Driver in an Uber Vehicle

How The Incident Ended 

Fortunately, everybody walked away from the incident without being seriously injured.   

Esther Crawford describes in a social media post how rather than leaving the Uber driver to fend for himself, she took matters into her own hands.   

She reportedly rolled down the window of the vehicle and told the taxi drivers that she was the one at fault for ordering the Uber to begin with.   

Eventually, those drivers, who claimed that the Uber driver was operating in their territory, allowed them to drive away. 

Uber Vehicle on the Road

What The Former Twitter Executive Had To Say 

The former Twitter executive describes being a little scared during the incident as she and her partner sat in the back seat of the vehicle.   

According to Crawford, they didn’t flee the vehicle because of their concern as to what would happen to the driver.   

She also commented on the Uber driver himself, saying that he remained calm throughout the incident.   

busy traffic in mexico taxi

Should Travelers Be Worried? 

While all of the stories about the battle between Uber and taxi drivers in Cancun might seem a little scary, most visitors don’t have to deal with experiences like this.   

There have been a few cases in which tourists were in the vehicle while it was attacked or surrounded, but none that led to serious injury as a result.   

Still, it is something to consider when visiting Cancun, and you may want to avoid Uber and taxis.   

@iamsalem2 #stitch with @livvvraeee based on my experience I totally understand how these people felt. I hope everyone finds a way to coexist. #mexico #cancun #uber #taxis ♬ original sound – Ajanae’

An End To The Battle May Be In Sight 

This battle has been going on for a while and has gotten worse this past year following the ruling that Uber was okay to operate in Cancun.   

But an end may be in sight.   

It was recently announced that taxi drivers would be sanctioned for being involved in such incidents, which can include the revocation of their licenses, not just in Cancun, but in all of Mexico, or even prison time.   

taxi airport

Other Transportation Options In Cancun 

While taxis are the most commonly used form of transportation in Cancun, and Uber is probably the least expensive, they are not the only options.   

There are numerous private transportation companies that don’t cost too much more than a taxi, considering their high prices.   

Private transportation is a better and safer option right now, and it can be booked in advance and waiting at the airport upon your arrival for pick up.

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Monday 21st of August 2023

Re: The attack of the Uber driver. Of course the police are no where to be found. And the taxi drivers that attacked the couple will not receive any punishment.


Sunday 20th of August 2023

All of the Taxi drivers that attempt to harm or is successful of harming other individuals, should be arrested and put in Mexico jail. That is barbaric and a crime.

If the Taxi drivers are so concerned about Uber taking over, they should not charge such outrageous prices. The prices in Cabo San Lucas are as bad or higher.

I live in Cabo and know how it works.