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Uber Driver Shot In Cancun, Protests Over Taxi Violence Follow

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Several steps have been taken by officials in Cancun to ease the tension between taxi and Uber drivers.   

Unfortunately, the conflict recently came to a boiling point when an Uber driver was allegedly shot by a taxi driver.   

Protests erupted in Cancun following the shooting of the Uber driver, who was attacked while picking up passengers at a local hotel.   

Here’s what you need to know about this ongoing conflict:   

Police Officer on a Street in Cancun, Mexico Controlling a Crowd

Uber’s Place In Cancun 

Uber has been trying to legally get into the transportation market for years, and in January 2023 a judge ruled that Uber is, in fact, operating legally.   

The issue was, and to some extent still is, that Uber operates as a private business, shielding the company from having to pay concession fees that taxi drivers do have to pay.   

Even though Uber drivers can operate in Cancun, they are still not allowed to offer service to or from the airport, although they supposedly will be able to in the future.  

Uber Vehicle on the Road at Night

The Fairness Factor 

Taxi drivers have been in an uproar over what they deem unfair rules that result in unfair competition.   

They feel that since Uber drivers don’t have to pay the same fees they can charge less for rides.   

This results in Uber drivers attracting more business than taxi drivers.   

Taxi Meter Showing the Rate for a Trip

Pushback From Taxi Drivers 

In protest of the conflicting rules, taxi drivers have been involved in a lot of pushback.   

They have protested several times against Uber being given legal status.   

Taxi drivers have blocked access to the airport, forcing tourists to walk, they’ve made passengers get out of Uber vehicles, they’ve attacked Uber vehicles with stones, and have even been violent towards Uber drivers on multiple occasions.   

Fortunately, throughout all of this, no tourists have been seriously injured, but the behavior of taxi drivers has, without a doubt, left a bad image in the eyes of visitors.   

Two Drivers Arguing in the Street in Cancun, Mexico

The Battle For Business 

All of these actions are an effort on the part of the taxi drivers to keep Uber from getting any of the business that they feel they have more of a right to.   

They feel that Uber’s entry into the market directly affects how they make a living.   

For this reason, they have resorted to blocking Ubers from picking up at hotels and telling tourists that Uber is illegal.  

Taxi Drivers Trying to Get Passengers at Cancun Airport

The Most Recent Incident Among Many 

This most recent incident is the worst attack against an Uber driver yet.   

Reportedly, an Uber driver was picking up passengers at an unknown hotel and was shot and killed.   

Although the case is still under investigation, Uber drivers are convinced that a taxi driver committed the crime. 

Mexican Police Car in Front of a Building

The Following Protest 

As a result of this most recent incident, Uber drivers launched a protest outside of government offices, demanding that the violence stop.   

According to Uber drivers, threats from taxi drivers have increased recently, leading up to this violent incident.   

The protests lasted two days, with Uber drivers ultimately being given a way to communicate directly with the government when future incidents occur.  

Quintana Roo Police Truck in Front of a Crowd

What Are Tourists To Do? 

With no immediate solution to the ongoing battle between taxi and Uber drivers being proposed so far, tourists must be wondering what to do about transportation while visiting Cancun.   

Many don’t want to support taxi drivers but are afraid to take an Uber for fear of reprisal.   

Despite the violence between them, though, tourists are generally safe when using either option.   

There’s also the private transportation option, which may be pricey but might be the safest way to get around Cancun right now.   

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Loreto nunez

Monday 1st of April 2024

Is time to have a second choise, for transportation our company , friens and family travel to cancun tree to for times a year. And they allways have the same cmplains about taxi drivers over chargeing for the ride and is a shame ,taxi drivers are giving cancun very bad reputation to the point where tourist dont feel safe any more in cancun, a lot of people i know dont go to mexico any more, now they go to florida for vacation.

Alex Jones

Friday 29th of March 2024

Taxis in Cancun and other resorts like Ixtapa and even in HolBox are way too expensive compared to other towns in Mexico. I lived in Uruapan paying now 70C per ride. A couple of years ago was 50C. Just lower prices more tourists will use them.

Rob L

Friday 29th of March 2024

Uber drivers must carry all insurances etc that taxi drivers carry and a number plate identification

Rob L

Friday 29th of March 2024

It’s my opinion that Uber drivers must pay the government fees , taxes etc exactly the same as taxi drivers ! It’s only fair !

Alan Carnegie

Friday 29th of March 2024

This wouldn’t be such an issue if the many of the Taxi drivers didn’t inflate the cost thusly ripping off the tourists. I’d still take a taxi if the prices were fair from them.