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What The Maya Train Station Opening At Cancun Airport In December Means For Tourists 

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A lot of people, tourists and locals alike, are looking forward to the Maya Train beginning operations in December because it will open up opportunities for getting around more of the Yucatan Peninsula.   

One aspect of the project that Mexican Caribbean tourists are particularly excited about is the addition of a Maya Train station connecting to Cancun Airport.   

But what does the Maya Train station opening at Cancun Airport in December really mean for tourists? 

Maya Train Route Going Through the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico

No Having To Book A Taxi Or Private Transportation If Traveling Outside Of Cancun 

If you have ever been to Cancun International Airport, then you know what a hassle it can be to navigate the transportation options.   

This is particularly the case for those that don’t book transportation in advance and are traveling outside of Cancun that will now be able to utilize the Maya Train.   

Transportation will no longer be an issue because travelers can be directly connected to the train station without having to leave the airport property.   

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Getting To The Maya Train Station Quickly 

With the Maya Train station being connected to the airport, it will take no time at all to get to the station upon arriving in Cancun.   

Estimates show that the travel time aboard the electric minibus transport unit will take approximately eight minutes.   

The route will be located on the outskirts of the Cancun Airport property and will not be affected by traffic.   

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Access To The Entire Mexican Caribbean 

The Maya Train station at Cancun Airport will give travelers who arrive at the airport easy access to the entire Mexican Caribbean.   

No more researching how to get to Playa del Carmen or Tulum or beyond.   

All travelers will have to do is purchase a ticket for the Maya Train and hop on board to get to their destination.   

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Safer Means Of Travel For Getting Beyond Cancun 

Travelers who land at Cancun Airport will not only be able to safely get to the train station without having to worry about fake taxis or overpaying, but will be able to travel the Mexican Caribbean more safely too.   

Gone are the days of worrying about human error in driving or getting lost on your way to your destination.   

Simply board the Maya Train from the airport station and get off when you reach your destination. 

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Avoiding Cancun Traffic Congestion 

Infrastructure projects in Cancun have caused significant traffic congestion, particularly in the areas between the airport and the Hotel Zone.   

Having a Maya Train station right on the airport property means avoiding Cancun’s traffic congestion, which has caused travelers considerable delays.   

This is one less headache tourists will have to deal with if they’re just hopping on the train to get to a different destination.   

busy traffic in mexico taxi

Less Expensive Way To Explore The Mexican Caribbean  

Transportation from Cancun Airport to other destinations in the Mexican Caribbean can be pretty expensive.   

Consider the fact that just to get the few miles to the Hotel Zone from the airport can cost over $60, and you can imagine what going further would cost.   

While no definitive prices for the Maya Train have been determined yet, ticket costs will likely be more affordable in comparison.   

Woman sitting in train looking out of the window

Timeframe For The Maya Train Cancun Airport Station Completion  

The first cars of the Maya Train have already arrived in Cancun.   

The train project is scheduled to be completed and begin operations in December.   

According to reports, the Maya Train Cancun Airport station will be ready to begin operating on December 1st of this year as well, a much-anticipated date for many adventurous travelers.

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Loreto nunez

Thursday 7th of December 2023

It is nice that on the future we don t have to wait for a taxi to take us to our destination, taxi tariffs are a reap off and they know it,


Monday 14th of August 2023

While it may be cheaper, its use will depend on the schedule. No one will want to wait 2-4 hours for the train.


Thursday 7th of September 2023

@Counterpoint, I don’t know I wait 2-3 hours for other things 😉


Tuesday 25th of July 2023

I would like to know if small pets will be allowed in cabins in their carriers just like on airplanes.

Oswaldo bustamante

Tuesday 25th of July 2023

I do hope that there will be the same ticket prices, for Mexican citizens and tourists. I am so looking fwd to this great idea, pls Don't spoil it by greed.

Gonzalo Aguirre

Tuesday 25th of July 2023

Good morning all tourists. Just to say , please dont believe that this train will be ready to roll on December 1st,there is so much more construction to do. Reason #1, there is always some knucklehead that messes Everything thing up. I was down there recently and they are just barely getting the roadway from airport ready, and there is no clearance made all the way down the Riviera Maya. I know it won't be ready. Plus rain and all this money extortionist will receive regarding this big project will hinder process as well .Plus I don't see all Resorts aboard for some kind of train stop in front of their properties. Mark my words folks, it won't be ready, but I can reassure you all one thing, there is traffic galore down there because of this, so don't think you will get to your destination right away. Safe travels and be patient with your transport drivers. They are doing their best.


Tuesday 8th of August 2023

@Gonzalo Aguirre, I agree. But, in deference to objectivity, I will withhold my personal opinion. In all fairness I will wait to see the outcome of AMLO's folly.