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3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Cancun In The Summer (And 2 Why You Shouldn’t!) 

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There really never is a bad time to visit a destination as beautiful and with as much to offer as Cancun, but as every traveler knows, different seasons offer different experiences.   

In Cancun, they have two high seasons, which are the winter months and the spring break season, while fall and summer are each considered more of an off-season. That being said, off-season in Cancun by no means implies that the destination isn’t busy!

Tourists on a Beach in Playa Mujeres Cancun, Mexico on a Summer Day

People flock to Cancun all year round.

However, there are several reasons to visit in the summer in particular, though, and a couple of reasons why you might not want to.   

So let’s take a look at three reasons why you should visit Cancun in the summer, and two reasons why you shouldn’t.   

Reason Why You Should Visit Cancun In The Summer # 1 – Perfect Beach Day Temperatures 

There is no better beach day than when the warm sun is shining and the water is cooler than the air that surrounds you.   

In Cancun, summer temperatures average around 90 degrees, and humidity levels can reach more than 80 percent.   

Between the temperatures and the humidity, it’s the perfect time to take a dip in the aqua-blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.   

Tourists Walking on a Cancun Beach on a Beautiful Summer Day

Reason Why You Should Visit Cancun In The Summer # 2 – Smaller Crowds 

If you prefer vacationing in Cancun when there are fewer and smaller crowds, summer is the season for you.   

You won’t have the beaches completely to yourself because there is still a considerable amount of tourism.

Still, though, Cancun is far less busy during the summer than during the winter and spring seasons.   

A Few Tourists on a Secluded Beach in Playa Mujeres During the Summer

Reason Why You Should Visit Cancun In The Summer # 3 – Better Deals 

The best reason to choose the summer months for your Cancun vacation is the fact that you can often find better deals.   

As most travelers know, hotels and airlines still want customers during slow periods, so they are known to introduce some pretty attractive offers during these times.   

If you’re unable to find lower-cost rooms and flights during the slow summer season, at the very least, you may find better options for a more affordable price.   

Man Looking at a Travel Agency Website On a Laptop

Factoring In The Pros And Cons 

Now you know a few good reasons to visit Cancun during the summer months.   

You also have to look at any negative sides of visiting in the summer, because weighing the pros and cons is the best way to make a decision.   

There are only a couple of reasons you might want to reconsider visiting Cancun during the summer.   

a white sand beach in cancun with stormy weather

Reason Why You Shouldn’t Visit Cancun In The Summer # 1 – Hurricane Season 

Even though it’s rare for Cancun to be plagued with strong hurricanes, or even hurricanes in general, it is something to consider.   

Hurricane season runs from June to November in Cancun, though the most active part of the season is late summer to early fall.   

Throughout the season, even if Cancun doesn’t get a hurricane, you can at the very least expect more rain.   

If you’re worried about a hurricane developing before or during your trip, travel insurance may give you a little peace of mind.   

Storm Clouds on a Cancun Beach

Reason Why You Shouldn’t Visit Cancun In The Summer # 2 – Sargassum  

Sargassum is also an issue you may have to deal with when visiting Cancun in the summertime.   

It’s known to wash up on the beaches until around October, so if you want to avoid it, summer may not be the best time to visit.   

There are areas where you can often escape the sargassum, though, like the island of Isla Mujeres that sits right across from Cancun.   

Sargassum Washing Up on a Cancun Beach

Summer Vs. Fall – When Is The Best Slow Season To Visit 

Fall is also a slow season in Cancun, so if you decide you want to avoid sargassum and hurricane season it may be a better time to visit.   

It all depends on what you plan to do while visiting and what’s important to you.   

That being said, there’s never a bad time for a Cancun vacation

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