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6 Things To Do On Your Next Mexican Caribbean Vacation

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Okay so you’ve booked your flights and your accommodations – now what? From the moment you hit ‘book’ to the moment you arrive back home after your vacation, you’re most likely going to have options of things to do thrown at you left, right and center. As much as its awesome to have options, when you have limited time and funds it can get slightly overwhelming.

So what we recommend is doing a little research before you go, make up your must see/do list and then keep a little time carved out in your schedule for those spontaneous adventures that always happen to come up. Here are 6 ideas of things to do on your next Mexican Caribbean vacation.

Sleep In!

For once in who knows how many months, give yourself permission to rest! Don’t set your alarm, put on that “do not disturb” tag on your door and let the blackout curtains in the room you just paid money for do their job! Unplug the feeling of always having to show up for someone else first thing in the morning and just let yourself sleeeep! Or watch a movie, have a bubble bath, sneak away to the spa, indulge in some blueberry pancakes in bed or simply read a book – do whatever it is that you do that allows your brain to shut off and your body to rest. You deserve it.

Snorkle and/or Dive tour

The Mexican Caribbean is home to some of the most pristine white sand beaches and crystalline waters in the world, in addition to all the beauty above water – the beauty below water will also leave you in awe. The colorful and sacred reef and wide variety of marine life brings a whole different level of life to the Mexican Caribbean. Why not take a day exploring and admiring the depths of the water (with a pro) on a snorkel or dive tour. Check out some tour recommendations here.

Food & Drink Tour

Tacos, tamales and tequila – oh my! Lets face it, the Mexican Caribbean has some of the most delicious and vibrant food known to man. You can literally taste the deep rooted love in the Mexican culture with every bite. So, why not go on a food tour and indulge in all the love and pleasure the food has to offer? There are some really neat food tours in Tulum, or you can always read up on a couple of their specialty dishes ahead of time and keep an eye out while you’re wandering around. Basically everywhere you go, you will find some type of delicious food and drinks.

Explore Cenotes

When many people dream up their ultimate Mexican Caribbean adventure, most people include cenotes in their vision. The ancient waters have been used in ceremonies for centuries and have ancient healing abilities – regardless if you believe in the phenomenon or not. These sinkholes are filled with water and unique plant life which create and atmosphere that has almost a mystical feel to it. See for yourself!

Check out the Mayan Ruins & Archeological sites

The Maya ruins of the Yucatan provide a deeper understanding of Mexican history. The rich ancient knowledge that runs throughout each ruins and archeological site is absolutely mind blowing and worthy of your time while you are in that magical side of the world. The Mayan Goddess Ixchel Temple in Isla Mujeres is only one of over 20 ancient sites to check out. Chances are – there’s a site not too far from your accommodations that you can check out. If not, there are plenty of tours that will take you and give you the story behind it all.

Beach Bummin’

Life doesn’t always have to be go, go, go! Come on, you just travelled how far? You deserve to take at least one day to do absolutely nothing on the beautiful beaches that the Mexican Caribbean has to offer. There are plenty of beach clubs to take advantage of if you want to eat, drink and chill without having to do much leg work. Or, you can check out some of these most loved beaches in the Riviera Maya on your own. Pull up a beach chair, your favorite ice cold bevy and soak up all the sun and good vibes. This is a tropical vacation after all.

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