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Cancun Cracking Down On Taxi Drivers Breaking The Law

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Pushy and at times aggressive Cancun taxi drivers have been a source of major concern for travelers and, increasingly, authorities, who are now ramping up efforts to sanction law-breaking taxi operators. 

With Uber increasingly popular in Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean, officials have said that they are committed to upholding the law and protecting travelers and residents from confrontational taxi drivers.

taxi drivers waiting in front of Cancun international airport

As more taxi drivers are penalized for breaking the law, here’s the latest on Cancun’s taxi woes and what it means for travelers.

Local Government To Sanction Over 40 Taxi Drivers Over Unlawful Conduct

taxi drivers in front of cancun airport

Since its legalization in March this year, Uber has soared in popularity with locals and travelers thanks to its hassle-free approach and affordable rates. As more users make the switch from regular taxis to Uber, taxi drivers have resorted to unsavory means to protect their share of the market.

Last week, an altercation between a local taxi driver and an Uber operator in the vicinity of Cancun International Airport made the headlines, as representatives from the ride-sharing app assert that aggressive behavior continues to be a major issue for the company. 

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But in recent months, officials have stepped up efforts to target law-breaking taxi drivers in an attempt to protect both residents and travelers. Those efforts are now paying off, and more than 40 taxi drivers currently face sanctions due to aggressive or unruly behavior.

According to the latest statistics revealed in a recent meeting of the Mexican Caribbean Security Council, 29 taxi drivers in Cancun might have their licenses suspended or revoked entirely. 

Meanwhile, authorities have also initiated legal procedures against 13 Cozumel taxi drivers and 5 in Playa del Carmen, where scams have also affected travelers.

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In addition to the ongoing revocations, a further 31 proceedings have been tabled due to insufficient legal evidence. In many cases, victims resort to filming or taking pictures of potential crimes committed by taxi drivers but fail to capture crucial pieces of evidence such as registration plates. 

Travelers are also being reminded to file an official complaint if they become the victim of a scam or aggression. Tourists can contact law enforcement through Quintana Roo’s Guest Assist application, which provides a wealth of legal resources to victims of crime. 

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With a record-breaking winter season on the horizon, officials are mulling new measures to deter taxi drivers from further targeting travelers. In just several weeks, a new Uber update is set to bolster user safety thanks to the implementation of a new ‘panic button’ which can be activated in the case of a crime. 

Together with other measures, including tighter regulations and public oversight, officials are hopeful that the number of frauds being committed by taxi drivers will drop later on in the year. 

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How Safe Is Uber In Cancun In 2023?

Taxis in Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean are notoriously expensive. And with taxi drivers frequently overcharging unsuspecting travelers, it’s no wonder that a growing number of tourists are opting for Uber.

And while the popular ride-sharing app is now legal in Cancun, travelers should still exercise increased precautions while using it. That’s especially the case for rides to and from Cancun airport, where taxi drivers tend to congregate and cause scenes.

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Instead, opt for a pre-booked private transfer, which has a fixed cost. Travelers can also use complimentary transfers offered by Cancun’s many all-inclusive resorts, which are a safe and reliable option.

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