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Cancun’s Highly Trained Resort Security Provide Peace Of Mind For Tourists

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The number one concern for most tourists while on vacation is, of course, safety, and while Cancun has a great reputation in contrast to other areas of Mexico, the issue of safety is still an important one.

Cancun's Highly Trained Resort Security Provide Peace of Mind for Tourists

The public areas of Cancun, including the hotel zone, are patrolled extensively by the police, national guard, and the military. But the normal patrol routes of these promoters of peace don’t extend to the resorts, that is, unless an incident takes place and their presence is requested.

Thankfully, the resorts of Cancun have taken extensive steps to ensure not just the comfort but also the safety of each and every guest that visits this corner of the Caribbean. This is achieved by the deployment of 24/7 security personnel in the resorts.

Beautiful Resort Next to the Caribbean Sea in Cancun, Mexico

Who Are The Security Personnel?

Private security is a big business in Mexico for obvious reasons, and this has led to a huge industry of security companies that operate with extremely high standards. The personnel employed are extensively trained and well-equipped to deal with almost every security situation.

While not all of these personnel speak English, it is often the case that the head of resort security will have at least a basic understanding of English. But travelers needn’t worry about communication issues. The resort concierge almost always attends these situations with security personnel in case translation is needed and to ensure the professional conduct of the security personnel.

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Resort security guard

The resort security is also trained on a code system, meaning any incident that takes place is always communicated clearly while also limiting any disruption to guests within hearing distance. This is an extra effort taken that many other destinations worldwide don’t implement.

Resort security guard with radio

What Are Their Duties?

The security personnel in the resorts take on many roles. One of the most important is controlling who has access to resort grounds, which in Cancun is done by carrying out security checks at the entry points to ensure only staff, service personnel, and guests have access.

As well as guarding these entry points, the security personnel also carry out routine patrols 24/7. These are done at set intervals, as well as sporadically. Everywhere from the resort grounds to on-site amenities receive a thorough protection status.

patrol on beach tulum

Another role these personnel provides is that of loss prevention. Unfortunately, theft can occur, whether from other guests or staff. The security personnel act as a first line of investigation. As soon as the theft is reported, all those exiting the resort will be checked for stolen items.

This well-coordinated protocol means that theft is extremely rare in Cancun resorts, and when it does occur, the likelihood that the stolen items are recovered is much higher than outside resort grounds.

The duties of these security personnel don’t end with the prevention of crime. They also carry out spot checks of resort areas to ensure that safety standards are being upheld. As well as acting as a front-line customer service that can help bring attention to any urgent issues a guest may be facing.

An outdoor pool area in an upscale Cancun resort

Why The Resorts Need Top-Level Security

It’s important for travelers to be aware that Cancun is, as far as busy tourist areas go, very safe. In fact, Cancun is a safer destination for visitors than Paris, France. The crime that does occur in Cancun is almost exclusively linked to organized criminal elements, which have a reputation for avoiding the targeting of tourists due to the often-extreme response they receive from law enforcement and the military.

Police headquarters in Cancun with a police officer working

But even with this relatively high level of safety, tourism accounts for a huge percentage of the local economy, which has led to all areas of the tourism sector, as well as the government and law enforcement agencies, taking extensive measures to make the area as safe as possible.

For most travelers, the security measures taken across all areas of Cancun will be in the background and unneeded. But it provides a much welcome peace of mind to know that if an incident were to occur, there are always security personnel in-resort to respond instantly while the police are called.

Police sea beach military

For all travelers, it’s also a good idea to pay attention to the U.S. travel advisories for Mexico, which often has useful extra information on where it is safe to travel outside of Cancun.

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Fred munguia

Saturday 11th of March 2023

Safety is the number one concern in my opinion, so far Cancun and the Riviera Maya, Government, State, Local Officials and the National Guard and Private Security in Mexico have been doing a “GREAT JOB”, keeping the area Safe and Secure for everyone to enjoy Relax and have a beautiful experience in Paradise. Cancun and the Riviera Maya, are a Gold and Diamond Mine, and as long as there is Security and Safety, it will remain the number one Tourist Destination on the planet. I see Economic Prosperity for Cancun and the Riviera Maya, for many years ahead in the future. The Maya Train project will just increase Tourism 100%.