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Massive Security Operation Launched To Keep Cancun Tourists Safe This Summer 

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Cancun officials are predicting the arrival of as many as 150,000 tourists every week this summer.   

Hotel occupancy rates are forecast to be around 75 percent or more throughout the season.   

With so many visitors expected, security officials have launched a massive security operation to keep Cancun tourists safe this summer.   

Security Officers on a Beach in Cancun, Mexico

Providing Security For Cancun Tourists 

The summer security operation currently being launched will incorporate the services of three levels of government to ensure the safety of visitors.   

The Attorney General’s Office, the State Coordination of Civil Protection, and the Secretariat of Citizen Security will all be involved in the operation.   

Among the efforts to ensure security will be patrols, surveillance, and crime prevention in places like bars, nightclubs, on beaches, and in shopping malls and restaurants.   

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Security Officials To Be Deployed 

Security officials from a number of different agencies are being deployed throughout the most popular tourist hotspots.   

In total, approximately 1,500 officials from the different agencies will be divided throughout the area.   

This group will include members of the Secretariat of Citizen Security, the municipal police, the Secretariat of National Defense, Civil Protection, the Mexican Red Cross, the Secretariat of the Navy, and the Green Angels.   

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Strategic Placement Of Security Officials 

According to Julio César Gómez Torres, Secretary Of Security, there will be strategic placement of security officials.   

He commented that “Police elements will be deployed in key places such as beaches, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, shopping malls, spas and roads to reinforce preventive surveillance and prevent the commission of crimes and alterations to social peace.”   

He further stated that “police officers are trained and prepared to respond effectively to any eventuality.” 

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Cancun Safety  

Cancun is generally a safe vacation destination but security during busy times is necessary to keep it that way.   

While tourists are very seldom the victims of crimes in Cancun and the rest of the Mexican Caribbean, it’s important to have enough security to ensure the protection of visitors.   

This is because in rare cases, crime that typically stays between rival drug dealers does spill out into tourist areas, but extra security helps prevent this from happening.   

Police Truck Monitoring the Streets of Cancun

The Summer Season In Cancun 

The busiest part of Cancun’s summer tourist season runs from about July 27 to August 27.   

During this time officials are expecting nearly 2 million tourists to arrive in the popular Mexican Caribbean vacation destination.   

It is during this time that security will be greatly enhanced in order to maintain order and prevent crimes from occurring in tourist hotspots.   

Police Officer Patrolling a Beach in Cancun, Mexico with Tourists in the Background

The Importance of Reporting Crimes 

Visitors who are a victim of a crime in Cancun are urged to report it to authorities so that the responsible parties can be brought to justice.   

Many tourists do not report crimes either due to fear of repercussions because they feel the crime was minimal because they think it will take too long, or because they don’t know how to report it.   

This emboldens criminals to continue committing crimes, despite the efforts of security officials tasked with protecting the destination and its tourists.   

Police Officer on a Street in Cancun, Mexico

New Cancun Airport Branch For Reporting Crimes 

To make it easier for Cancun visitors to report crimes, a new branch of the Public Prosecutor’s Office was recently launched at Cancun International Airport.   

This, according to the Attorney General of the State Óscar Montes de Oca Rosales, gives foreign visitors the opportunity to report crimes, particularly crimes of theft, without worrying about missing their flight.   

It is just another effort among the many, including the summer security operation, to keep Cancun visitors safe so that they can enjoy all that the Mexican Caribbean vacation destination has to offer.

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Monday 17th of July 2023

First of all police and soldiers armed with assault rifles walking the beach does not make anyone feel safe in fact quite the contrary. Tourists will feel like they are in a war zone.

Second the police love the idea because the people they will be "policing" will be drunk rich tourists they don't serve or protect they extort.

Lastly there is no way that this operation is going to do anything but hurt tourism. A relaxing day on the beach doesn't include police and soldiers parading around like they in the Ukraine.


Tuesday 18th of July 2023

@Mark, Police presence will definitely deter crime. If anyone comes to Cancun in search of committing a small misdemeanor, I'm sure they will not think twice. I rather have them patrol the area and know that we feel safe. Second, I'm sure in Ukraine people feel safe seeing police and soldiers parading the area. Rest assured they can sleep at night without being attacked.


Tuesday 18th of July 2023


I disagree with you completely. I have been all over MX and it always makes me feel safer with federalies around. Your comment on "policing" is way off. Tourism is the 2nd largest money maker for Mexico so the police doesn't extort tourists- that would be bad for business.

I always say "gracious para tu servicio" Thanks for your service and they smile and walk on....