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Mexico’s President Forecasts Tourism Recovery In Cancun By Summer

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Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador estimates that within the next three months, tourist activity in Quintana Roo will recover to pre-pandemic numbers.

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Although the Mexican Caribbean is doing remarkably well under given circumstances – mainly due to its leniency in entry requirements – tourism rates in Mexico’s travel capital have been partly compromised due to the pandemic.

In this regard, Obrador has fueled hope and momentum with his prediction that the tourism rate and economy in Quintana Roo will restabilize to pre-pandemic levels. 

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With growing infrastructures and charming beaches, the reactivation of tourism within the Mexican Caribbean is highly foreshadowed.

The President has confirmed the start of construction in developing the Maya Train in the state of Quintana Roo, which provides a fully electric route from Cancun to Tulum.

boats Quintana Roo

President Obrador expands on his ambitious plans for the state in the upcoming months.

“As all the infrastructure is intact and in addition to the great beauty of the turquoise Caribbean Sea and the archeological zones, in a concise time, there will be full hotel occupancy, and the economy will soon be reactivated. The lost jobs will be recovered, and it will continue to grow as has been happening in Quintana Roo at rates of 5, 10, to 15% annually because that has characterized Quintana Roo”, Obrador explained, assuring residents that the state will soon reclaim all its glory.

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