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Playa Del Carmen Sargassum Levels So High Local Taxi Drivers Join Efforts In Cleanup

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The ongoing sargassum problem in Riviera Maya has been continuing to affect beaches all around the area, in particular those in Playa Del Carmen.

Sargassum clean up in riviera Maya

Over the course of the weekend, Luis Herrera Quiam, the leader of the taxi drivers union ‘Lázaro Cárdenas del Rio’, made the call for taxi drivers in Playa Del Carmen to join together and assist with the clean up due to the levels of the macroalgae starting to pile up on its beautiful shores.

Here’s A Look Into What Happened

The clean-up was led from the early hours of the morning by Luis Herrera Quiam, and joining him were operators, delegates, and managers, not to mention more than 500 people from Playa Del Carmen, who were given lots of equipment to assist them, and they ended up managing to collect several dump trucks of the sargassum.

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Sargassum clean up on the beach

The group of taxi drivers has taken it upon themselves to help clean up together to combat the sargassum, and people are saying that they think it’s a great deed for the community – generally speaking, people have said it’s great to see the taxi union chipping in together, as a big act of kindness to help combat the problem, and to help keep their stunning beaches clean.

Workers Cleaning Sargassum from Playa del Carmen Beach wit wheelbarrows and shovels.

What’s Bad About The Excessive Sargassum?

The seaweed tends to lead to depleted oxygen levels in the water, which as a byproduct will harm the marine life, and even more detrimental in Riviera Maya as it’s abundant with tropical beings.

When the sargassum then decomposes on the beach, it has been known to release an unpleasant odor and can attract insects.

Also, the presence of excessive sargassum can be a deterrent for tourists and travelers visiting the area, particularly the beach lovers and water babies, and in turn, this then negatively impacts the economy — so there’s a real sense of community here in the taxi union’s joint efforts.

Sargassum Being Cleaned From the Beach in Cancun

It seems that the efforts of the taxi drivers in Playa del Carmen show how individuals coming together can really make a positive impact on their community and also the environment.

The government and the locals are taking steps to address this issue, with regular beach clean-ups and also efforts to find a longer-term solution to the issue — some resorts have even installed sargassum barriers to prevent it from reaching the shores.

Despite the efforts, sargassum is a natural occurrence and will never be completely gone, but the best that can be done is to manage the situation carefully, to minimize its impact on the ecosystem itself and also the tourism industry.

View of a popular beach in Playa del Carmen with warm tropical weather

Despite The Sargassum, What Else Can I Do There?

Playa Del Carmen is a vibrant and exciting coastal city in the Mexican Caribbean and attracts visitors from around the globe. The beaches go on for miles and miles, the sand is pure white, and the sea is crystal clear, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling; so it comes as no surprise that locals are concerned with the overload of sargassum, and it makes sense as to why they are trying their utmost to protect their city’s economy.

As the ongoing efforts to remove the sargassum continue, if you are affected by it on your vacation, while Playa Del Carmen does offer stunning beaches and warm waters, it also has so much more to offer – from cenotes, Mayan ruins, or you could even swim in the underground rivers of the nearby Xcaret water park.

Worker Cleaning Up Sargassum From the Beach

It is a colorful and eccentric place to be, full of life, from the day and especially in the evenings, and if that’s not enough, remember you have the beautiful island of Cozumel across the water, which will generally be prone to less sargassum, so it might be worth checking that out instead!

If you are due to visit Playa Del Carmen soon and perhaps are concerned regarding the sargassum situation, it might be worth contacting your accommodation or travel agency for any updates.

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Fred Munguia

Monday 13th of March 2023

Maybe a ship that can clean it up, like an oil spill before it gets close to the beautiful sand beaches.