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Playa Del Carmen Tourists Urged To Exercise Caution On Beaches As ‘Bad Water’ Season Begins

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As Winter peak season begins in the Mexican Caribbean, hordes of tourists will begin to flock to the region for their vacation time, with places such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum seeing a huge uptick in arrivals. 

Notably, Playa del Carmen is having a fantastic year in the tourism sector, with more and more people picking it as their destination of choice, with its focus on decreasing crime rates and increasing offerings to its visitors as a main draw. 

tourists on playa del carmen beach

Warning Of ‘Bad Water’ Season

As the solidarity welcomes in tourists this winter, they are advising caution as ‘bad water’ season begins; a period of time when changes of winds and currents in the sea bring with it harmful fauna that could endanger swimmers unknowingly. 

Fauna are the animals of a particular region, habitat or geological period, and in this case, are in reference to jellyfish activity within Playa del Carmen. And these aren’t just any jellyfish, they are Portuguese Man of War Jellyfish, with a particularly nasty sting.

Juan Carlos, a lifeguard of Civil Protection in the town has already reported two to four cases of bites, with Punta Esmeralda beach already prohibiting access to bathers after the recent tropical storms.

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While no longer restricted to tourists, this beach specifically is one where they are advised extreme caution, recommending that they speak with the lifeguards on duty about the appropriate information they need to know in regard to the harmful fauna. 

This will allow tourists to take the necessary precautions to prevent severe burns, scrapes and scratches from the species, as well as knowing what to do if the situation occurs. 

In the most extreme of cases, venom from these creatures can cause death to those who are allergic, so be sure to take the warning seriously and know the correct information before entering the sea. 

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Playa del Carmen’s Beautiful Beaches 

The reason for these warnings mainly comes from the fact that Playa del Carmen has some of the prettiest beaches in the region, making them too enticing not to enjoy!

As sargassum season officially ended last month, most of the beaches in the region are now free from the smelly seaweed phenomena for another year, revealing their pristine white, sandy beaches once more, complete with the bluest of blue waters, perfect for the sun worshippers among you. 

Punta Esmeralda beach cove with tourists on swings

Punta Esmeralda was recently named one of the best beaches in all of Mexico and is situated away from the busy downtown area of Playa del Carmen. 

Hugely popular among tourists, the area also has a swimmable freshwater lagoon and cenote known as Cenote Punta Esmeralda, which are the perfect alternative to swimming in the sea if you don’t want to risk the chance of coming into contact with the harmful fauna. 

Playa Fundadores is another alternative option and is the main beach in Playa del Carmen, offering a busy tourist walkway, complete with the Parque Fundadores, traditional street food and the iconic sculpture that is synonymous with the beach itself. 

famous playa del carmen statue on beach with busy tourists

The beach is extremely accessible to handicapped visitors and is also a popular area for parades and festivals to take place. 

Playa Pelicanos is a newer and lesser-known beach, as well as being the most inclusive for its tourists, offering first-class facilities and everything that a beach lover could ever want. 

It is still important to take precautions at all of these destinations, as ‘bad water’ season will not be specific to just one beach, and could affect more throughout the duration. 

Aerial view of a popular Playa del Carmen white-sand beach

Playa del Carmen’s New Image

The tourist hotspot was once in the headlines for the wrong reasons, known for being a less safe option to choose in the Mexican Caribbean. 

However, in recent months, Playa del Carmen’s safety situation has gone from strength to strength and now is undoubtedly one of the safest options for tourists, with government spending on increased police patrols and CCTV as a huge priority this year. 

The destination has also seen a commitment to the preservation and expansion of its tourist attractions through the reopening of cenotes that were previously closed due to overuse from visitor activity, as well as beautifying beaches that were once ravaged by the sargassum problem only months ago. 

Playa del Carmen beach with palm trees

One thing is for certain; Playa del Carmen has a new and improved image and wants to keep it that way for a long time to come. 

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