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These 3 Magical Towns In Campeche Will Be Easier Than Ever To Visit With New Maya Train 

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With just over a month to go until the Maya Train begins its inaugural route between Palenque, Chiapas and Cancun, all sights are set on its future as the excitement grows for all of the Yucatan Peninsula to be unlocked for the world.

beachfront hut overlooking water in Isla Aguada

Campeche is set to be one state that will become more popular within the next few years as its connectivity grows, with hidden gems and ‘magical towns’ that are just as noteworthy as its neighbors, and even more secret!

Local governments are keen to highlight the magical towns of Palizada, Isla Aguada and Candelaria in particular, as promotion of these types of areas has done wonders in the states of Quintana Roo and Yucatan, with more and more tourists keen for cultural and archeological tourism, beyond the beach vacations that so many enjoy. 

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With the work of travel agencies and tour operators, and with the Maya Train set to become one of the most popular transport systems in the entire Mexican Caribbean and Yucatan Peninsula, Campeche will surely be on your radar and this is why you should check out the Magical Towns that exist within it!


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Towns are awarded the ‘Magical Town’ status for being historically, culturally, and environmentally significant to the region, and Palizada exudes all of that.

Geographically situated in a river area, this town is the perfect destination for lovers of adventure tourism and ecotourism, where they can enjoy tranquillity, connect with nature, and be surrounded by lush tropical vegetation.

Dating back to ancient times, well before the arrival of Spaniards and the colonial period, the region was inhabited by the Mayans who settled there around the 3rd century. 

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Now, the town stands out for its incredible colonial architecture, vibrant coloured houses and unique balcony fronts. 

With unbeatable archeological zones nearby such as Edzná and Calakmul, as well as being situated by the Palizada River (a water-sport hotspot), tourists will find this very magical town the perfect place to disconnect and become one with nature again, with some brilliant options for cuisine inspired from Tabasco and Campeche once all the adventure builds up your appetite. 

Isla Aguada

This next stop has miles of unspoiled beaches to enjoy that offer a far more peaceful and relaxed atmosphere than that of the large cities and tourist centers. 

Isla Aguada’s main highlight Laguna de Términos is the perfect spot to witness the dolphin sanctuary, where you can catch these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, all the while being surrounded by the original architecture of the port, dating back to the 1700’s. 

Two dolphins in captivity seen from above swim close to each other, their tails almost touching. Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

It is said that before the first settlers arrived, pirates would often take refuge on this island after committing raids on ships and other nearby ports. 

With some absolutely breathtaking beach locations, as well as aquatic activities and delectable marine gastronomy, Isla Aguada is once again perfect for the tourist looking for some adventure and with a keen interest in the biodiversity that the location has to offer. 

Here, you are going to find an authentic experience of the Mexican coasts, far beyond the typical hotspots like Cancun and Tulum, but just as easy to reach via the new Maya Train route!


Last but not least is the magical town of Candelaria, known for its preserved natural beauty and eco-tactic sanctuaries, complete with mangrove swamps, grasslands and an abundance of tropical vegetation, filled with incredible biodiversity that tourists can observe in all its majesty. 

The location is also near the archeological site of Itzamkanac, also known as El Tigre, as well as other Mayan ceremonial centers such as El Naranjo, and Pete Lagarto. 

ruins in El Tigre Campeche

Complete with waterfalls such as the Salt Grande, Salt Toro and. Salt Muerto, as well as jungles and an ecotourism center known as Salam Ka – Am (Selva del Tigre), Candelaria is THE place for adventure lovers.

With a unique gastronomic offering from its inhabitants that intertwines the aquatic species of the area, you certainly won’t be going hungry here after your day full of fun and activities!

The new Maya Train is set to stop at all of these ‘Magical Towns’ in the coming months, and you would be a fool not to check them out on your next vacation if you are nearby; they are set to become more popular than ever!

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