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This Gorgeous Island Near Cancun Is Officially The Newest Magical Town In The Mexican Caribbean

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Ask tourists about their vacation getaway to the Mexican Caribbean Island of Cozumel and many of them will remark that their trip was simply magical.

Now they can really say it and mean it.

The Magical Town of Cozumel

Cozumel Beach

Cozumel was officially declared the newest magical town in Mexico at a ceremony last week.

During the special event that took place on the island, the Mexican Secretary of Tourism Miguel Torruco Marqués presented the appointment certificate while reflecting on the unique features of the town which led to the official honor.

He reflected on the beauty of the offshore ocean reefs, the crystal-clear tropical waters, the soft white sand beaches, the many natural features for travelers to enjoy, and, of course, the island’s special historic buildings and ruins.

Snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea with Colorful Fish Swimming Around

Cruise Industry Importance

Secretary Torruco Marqués praised the island’s important connection to the cruise industry and the perception Cozumel showcases about Mexico to the many ocean travelers.

More than 38 percent of all cruises in Mexico make a stop in Cozumel.

Cozumel cruises

This is only expected to increase for the upcoming cruise travel season.

Magical Town Planning

With the announcement of the magical town status for the island of Cozumel, several projects were also announced to enhance a vacation getaway for travelers.

Tourist Area By the Water in Cozumel, Mexico

The main project, which was the highlight of the announcement ceremony, was the Magical Color Routes Agreement.

This new agreement will work to specifically beautify Cozumel for visitors including the painting of home facades and the commissioning of artists to complete murals in public spaces on the island.

What’s Magical About Cozumel?

Mayan ruins on Cozumel

Cozumel has a long history of being an important sacred site of the Mayans dedicated to the goddess of fertility Ix Chel. The island still hosts many temple ruins dedicated to the goddess.

Today, Cozumel is more about water sports as it is a prime location for snorkeling and diving in its many reef areas. Travelers can enjoy tropical fish and even nurse sharks and black-tip reef sharks around every corner off the coast of Cozumel.

Tourists can also enjoy some of the best sport fishing in the Mexican Caribbean off the coast of Cozumel. Sailfish, barracudas and even mahi-mahi are available in abundance off the shore of the magical island.

Punta Langosta Cozumel, with palm trees, shopping mall and lighthouse

For those who desire more shore-based adventures, there are many jeep tours available on the island for travelers to get out and explore some of the natural wildlife that truly makes Cozumel a magical place to connect back with nature.

Visitors can wrap up their vacation getaway exploring the magical markets of Cozumel, looking for some great bargains on souvenirs and locally made handicrafts.

A hands-on Mexican cooking class is another way to connect with the local culture that truly makes Cozumel a magical place for all visitors.

Vendors on a Street Leading Up To the Beach in Cozumel, Mexico

What Tourists Need to Know

Cozumel may take a little extra effort to visit on a vacation getaway, being an island and all, but it is a very accessible destination that truly enhances a beach resort trip to the Mexican Caribbean.

Sailing across the channel in a boat transports vacationers to a different experience not found elsewhere in the area. Things slow down on island time, and cultural connections are everywhere for travelers to enjoy.

There are also direct flights from many U.S. cities and major hubs like Atlanta and Miami. If you are really looking to save on your next trip to Cozumel, think about looking into an airline-specific travel card with Delta, who flies directly to Cozumel from Atlanta.

Cozumel beach

Visitors should also not miss the nature highlights, which are some of the biggest tourism draws of the island of Cozumel.

There are plenty of water adventures to enjoy, including some of the best snorkeling and diving locations available anywhere in the Mexican Caribbean.

Taking the time to take the boat ride and truly experiencing a slice of life on Cozumel will have all travers truly understanding what makes the island a magical town in Mexico.

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