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What Travelers Need To Know As Cancun Enters Peak Hurricane Season

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Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean are entering the peak of the hurricane season, which occurs between September and November, as officials activate safety protocols during the unusually stormy period.

a storm approaching cancun and its beaches

The shoulder season typically sees the strongest tropical storms – and in some instances, powerful hurricanes – form over and around the Mexican Caribbean, potentially affecting travelers on their tropical getaway.

As tropical storm Idalia causes heavy precipitation and strong winds in Cancun, here’s everything travelers need to know about the peak of the hurricane season in the Mexican Caribbean:

a storm in the Mexican caribbean

How Concerned Should Travelers Be About Hurricanes In Cancun?

Cancun enjoys a warm tropical climate with pleasant temperatures year-round. However, the months of September to November are characterized by above-average levels of humidity, precipitation, and, in rare cases, tropical storms.

Even though tropical storms pose a risk for travelers in Cancun, hurricanes are rare, with only two major ones occurring in the past 40 years.

Despite the slim chances of a hurricane making landfall in Cancun, officials, as well as local businesses, are extremely prepared to deal with severe weather phenomena, and travelers are warned well in advance should one occur.

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That said, it’s always a good idea to take precautions when traveling during the hurricane season.

Travelers are advised to keep an eye on weather warnings and to regularly check the forecast before planning a longer day trip or a getaway to one of the many islands in the Mexican Caribbean.

And while hurricanes are rare, tropical storms such as the one currently battering the Mexican Caribbean are much more frequent. They can cause strong winds, heavy rains, as well as flooding and power cuts. 

a stormy day on a cancun beach with dark clouds

This Is What Officials Are Doing To Protect Travelers During The Hurricane Season 

The shoulder season, which comprises the months of September through November, is also the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season.

During this time, authorities activate certain protocols to protect residents and locals in case a hurricane forms over the area.

There are a total of 93 public hurricane shelters that have been made available for guests in 107 hotels and resorts in Cancun. Each year, experts from Quintana Roo’s Civil Protection Agency carry out extensive checks to make sure that the shelters are stocked with necessary provisions, including food, water, and medicine. 

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Meanwhile, resorts and other accommodations across the Mexican Caribbean carefully follow hurricane safety plans, which encompass everything from protecting properties to evacuating guests. Cancun’s world-class hospitality staff undergo periodic training on first aid and other critical safety training.

The Mexican Caribbean uses a color-coded warning system to notify residents and travelers about an approaching hurricane or tropical storm. The 5-level warning system is meant to give the general population a quick overview of what to expect and what measures to take.


Suddenly a storm in Cancun

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The lowest level on the warning system – a blue alert – means that a tropical storm is approaching the Mexican Caribbean coast and that travelers should pay close attention to the forecast in the coming days. A green warning, the second-lowest level, suggests a stronger storm and the need to take preventive measures, such as taping windows. 

The green warning is followed by a yellow one, which indicates a strong likelihood of a major tropical storm or a minor hurricane. At this stage, travelers should familiarise themselves with their accommodation evacuation plan and follow instructions given by authorities or staff members. 

ambulances ready to assist travelers in cancun

Lastly, an orange or red warning means that severe weather is imminent and that travelers should stay indoors or follow orders to evacuate.

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