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Prices For New Maya Train Route From Cancun To Palenque Announced 

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As everybody patiently waits for the Maya Train to be fully operational we’ve watched it launch, and shut down, in stages.   

The most recent development was a halting of service on the first route to open while the second section was being launched.   

That interruption of service was only supposed to last for four days, but currently, there are tickets being sold for the new Cancun to Palenque route, as well as for the shorter route between Cancun and Merida.   

One thing we do know is what we’ll pay for that ride, as prices for the new Maya Train route from Cancun to Palenque, and for the Cancun to Merida route, have been announced.   

Colorful Sign in Palenque, Mexico

What You’ll Pay To Go From Cancun To Palenque 

The rates that have been announced for the new Cancun to Palenque route are, not surprisingly, a bit higher than the Cancun to Campeche route because it’s a longer distance.   

Rates for tourists for both economy/tourist seating, and premier seating, on trains going between Cancun and Palenque have been announced.   

For economy seating, the rate is about $125, and for premier seating, it’s approximately $199.  

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The Current State Of Maya Train Ticket Sales  

The most recent tickets are for sale through the eTickets website.

Tickets were available for the Cancun to Palenque, Palenque to Cancun, Merida to Cancun, and Cancun to Merida routes.   

The rate for the train that runs between Merida and Cancun is only around $43 and $69 for tourist and premier classes, respectively.   

This is a small price to pay for being able to visit such a fascinating city so close to Cancun.   

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Traveling The Cancun To Palenque Maya Train Route 

Merida isn’t the only place worth visiting along the new Maya Train routes that are beginning operations.   

The route from Cancun to Palenque, which includes the Campeche and Merida routes along the way, is filled with Magic Towns, nature, Mayan Ruins, and more that are just waiting to be explored.   

The Maya Train makes it easier, faster, and less expensive to visit all of these sights along the nearly 1,000-mile railway.   

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The Maya Train Inaugurations 

So far there have been two Maya Train inaugurations.   

The first one was the inauguration of the Cancun to Campeche route that took place on December 15th.   

The second one was the Cancun to Palenque route, which was just held on January 1st, though tickets are not currently being sold for travel along this or any other route beyond January 4th.   

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The Future Of The Maya Train 

It’s still unclear as to when tickets for the various routes will be available to tourists.   

Currently, officials and Maya Train operators are still trying to work out some inevitable kinks in the systems, the most recent of which involved an engine failure that left passengers stranded.   

Despite the delays and mishaps, though, excitement is still building for the completion of the project.   

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What The Maya Train Means For Travelers 

One thing we do know is that when the Maya Train is fully operational, it will revolutionize travel in the Mexican Caribbean.   

Travelers will be able to board the train and be transported to fascinating destinations not previously easily accessible within a matter of hours.   

The Maya Train provides not just a faster and cheaper way for tourists to travel, but a safer way as well.   

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When The Maya Train Will Be Fully Operational  

According to officials, the most recent estimate for the completion of the entire Maya Train project is the end of February.   

At this time the train is supposed to be fully operational, but with the delays, we’ll have to see if that date gets pushed back.   

Either way, it won’t be long before you’ll be able to reap the benefits of this new way to travel within the Yucatan Peninsula and the Mexican Caribbean.

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Friday 5th of January 2024

This train is real $hit. How is it possible that after some days of its inauguration it breaks down. Well it is because it was built in a rush with no quality control whatsoever and by destroying the jungle, cenotes and wild life. This project is going to be a complete failure. I can imagine how bad is it going to work in some months and years without proper maintenance. Exactly or worst than the metro in Mexico City. But the fault is of those fools who believed that this awful engine would work as promised. Wishful thinking.


Thursday 4th of January 2024

Every day you write these puff pieces that have no basis in reality. I have tried everything for the last week to secure a reservation or someone that knows where the Maya train station is even located in Merida and not one citizen out of hundreds could tell me the whereabouts or even knew about the Tren Maya. This has just become a joke. How is it even impossible you spend $20 billion on a train system and can’t even figure out how to sell tickets for it. Every day you write these stories and I’m convinced that you’ve never been on this train or in a train station or have any actual facts about this. None of the links that you suggest allow you to actually book a reservation or obtain a ticket. Do you have something significant to report to us? I ended up just riding the ADO bus back from Merida because I could not find any information or any place to buy a ticket, this is just crazy.

Tyler Fox

Friday 5th of January 2024

This is the link to buy tickets: