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This Underground River Near Playa Del Carmen Is The Perfect Escape From Sargassum And Summer Heat

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Looking for an escape from the heat and sargassum this summer?

It’s called Rio Secreto, and it may not be so much of a secret anymore, but this magical underground river is every bit as beautiful as it sounds.

Playa del carmen

In the heart of Riviera Maya, near Playa Del Carmen, this underground river system has, over time, carved through the limestone rock and created a beautiful cavern of dramatic natural beauty.

There is crystal clear water running through the cave, and the river has created some incredibly stunning formations over millions of years, including stalagmites and stalactites.

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Escape The Sargassum And Cool Down From The Summer Heat

Grab Yourself A Tour Guide

Typically it’s best to have a tour guide for this particular experience; they’ll make sure you have all the gear you need for the day and will provide you with your lockers, life jacket, water shoes, helmet, and wetsuit – walking sticks can also be included if you need one.

The guides are fantastic and will inform you about the geological history and traditions of the region and Rio Secreto itself.

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What Can I See And Do On This Tour?

You’ll be guided through the jungle and into the entrance, where you’ll have that initial breathtaking moment of stepping into the Earth, then after catching a glimpse of how clear the underground river water is, you’ll be taken into it to continue on the adventure – it really is as exciting as it sounds.

You’ll marvel at the incredible formations in the rocks, and you can take advantage of the professional photographer to take any photos to capture memories forever.

The water can be a little colder than the Caribbean Ocean, so make sure you bring something to wrap up in afterward.

underground cave

You can actually see all the way to the bottom of the river, which makes it super easy to find fish and other marine life – you might even spot some bats, small catfish, and shrimps too. There’s also an opportunity to actually float through the river on your back, which is a real highlight and unique experience.

Alternatively, you can just take your time to enjoy it, and just take in the beauty of where you are, embracing the moment.

It’s a place where nature lovers and adventure seekers can unite and also witness the array of plants and animals that can be found in this unique ecosystem.

underground cave

Fun fact – Rio Secreto actually acts as a natural filter for the environment; therefore, the crystal clear water is actually so pure that it’s safe enough to drink.

An Eco-Conscious And Sustainable Adventure

Another amazing thing about this underground ecosystem is its commitment to sustainability – the park itself has pledged to take several steps to reduce its impact on the environment by using eco-friendly cleaning products and trying to save on energy consumption when they can.

The park also supplies the local community with jobs and educational programs to teach the students at schools about the conservation of the area.

underwater cave system

The park is located a stone’s throw away from the resort of Playacar and around a 12-minute drive south of the center of Playa Del Carmen; head a little south on the 307 freeway to get there, either by car or taxi.

You can also organize your tour to take you there from various hotels and resorts up and down the Riviera Maya so that you can enjoy your day without having to organize any of the travel – it is also recommended to be well-rested before doing this trip.

In a nutshell, Rio Secreto makes for an incredible day trip and destination for anyone visiting the Riviera Maya and, more specifically, the Playa Del Carmen region.

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With its natural beauty, jaw-dropping scenery, and glowing turquoise water, it really is a wonderful eco-friendly day out for yourself, your family, or even a romantic partner- what’s not to love about this experience?

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