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Latest Maya Train Failure Forces Tourists To Return To Original Destination By Bus

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Like any new venture, there is always bound to be some teething issues before everyone gets the hang of it, right? 

Well the Maya Train is certainly experiencing its fair share of problems ever since opening to the public last month. 

Ado bus in Mexico

After a long five-year wait for the billion-dollar infrastructure project to be ready, it is no surprise that tourists and locals alike are keen to use the service, which is allegedly set to revolutionize travel for the Yucatan Peninsula. 

As more delays and cancellations take place, people are starting to wonder whether the Maya Train is really up for the challenge. 

We certainly think so, but it has got to find solutions for its problems quickly before it remains in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. 

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Maya Train Journey Failure 

A few days ago, unknowing passengers excitedly arrived at the Maya Train station from Cancun to Palenque, expecting to take off at 7:00 AM for their journey.

Unfortunately, that was not to be the case, however, as the first train was canceled without explanation, leaving the passengers unsure as to what to do next. 

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The Maya Train has limited seating, and the next train at 9:00 AM may have already been fully booked – as has been the case in previous instances, leaving passengers stranded and having to use alternative services. 

The second train did set off from the station at 9:00 AM, however, enabling the previous group of passengers to use this service and see the wonders of southeastern Mexico along the way. 

Their journey was once again cut short only a couple of hours later, unfortunately, due to further damage on the route, now delaying them a total of over 4 hours(!)

With no real explanation as to why this was happening, the passengers in question demanded reimbursement for their journey and to be taken back to their original location. 

Maya Train Cars on a Track in Mexico

Engineers on site apologized for the incident but were lacking in any information about the protocol for this sort of matter and whether or not the passengers would be able to reach their intended destination. 

Finally, the passengers were promised reimbursement for their tickets and were returned to their original destination, leaving them right back where they started at 7:00 AM that morning.

Now, we don’t know about you, but this is certainly a headache that tourists want to miss out on when planning their vacations. 

Small Beautiful Beach in Cancun, Mexico

Time on vacation is precious, and a day wasted on travel that gets you nowhere can be a huge disappointment, especially when so many are eager to witness the incredible Mayan route that the train has been designed for.

We can only hope that the Maya Train starts to iron out these issues sooner rather than later, especially when the entire route is set to be fully operational by February and connecting tourists to the upcoming tourist destination of Tulum and beyond. 

Other Issues Surrounding The Maya Train

The Maya Train has been something of a hot topic since its inception a few years ago. 

While many have welcomed the project, regarding it as necessary to bring the region into the 21st century and meet the demand of the tourism boom that it is experiencing, environmentalists are strongly opposed. 

workers building maya train cancun

With issues of deforestation along the route affecting natural habitats of species such as jaguars, scarlet macaws, and spider monkeys, as well as the unknowing destruction of ancient and sacred sites important to the ancient Mayan heritage, many locals have been left more than displeased. 

Even hoteliers are complaining that roads, which are a priority to thousands of tourists getting to their hotels and the airport, have been left in bad condition from cargo and overturning trucks, causing them to fall into disrepair. 

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) has reassured all civilians and tourists arriving in the region that extra care and well-thought-out planning have been the utmost priority when completing the Maya Train route.

This is why the final sections had previously delayed their opening: to avoid upsetting the stunning landscapes and historic sites that the Yucatan Peninsula has a seemingly endless amount of. 

Only time will tell whether or not the Maya Train will be all that it was promised, and we certainly hope it is!

Little girl with his mother on a train looking out the window

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juan de las pitas

Thursday 25th of January 2024

Another costly failure for Mr Cacas. As we are all paying for this poor devil's stupidity, it isn't funny anymore. If it ever was.


Monday 22nd of January 2024

The Maya train is just crap. Why the government didn't test it thoroughly before open it to the public ? Ans: because they want the inauguration as soon as possible and because they don't care about the people. First politics and corruption and at the end people. If the government doesn't give proper maintenance to Mexico City underground which is the heart of the metropole what can we expect from this train. At the end, it's the fault of the people who take that crap. You have to be really naive to think that such a thing would work properly. I'd never dare to take that junk not even if I was offered a ticket for free. It will be a monumental failure, as it is right now, and the actual government will never be accountable for that. They will blame the past governments as usual even if those got nothing to do with this abominable project.

Jarocho 369

Friday 26th of January 2024

I know when there are comments from Obrador's haters. I could only say that if you dislike this current government and its quest to bring progress to our abandoned poor people,don't reach for any of the assistance programs and don't ride the train;there will be plenty of people like me included that applaud this projects. Regards.


Thursday 25th of January 2024

@Marchcool, shut up you have no idea what you talking about, do some research how elders, teachers, students, and single moms now are getting help.. SO DONT BE SAYING THAT HE DOESNT CARE😡😡


Monday 22nd of January 2024

Wow, The Biggest Mexican Clown Show right at the feet of Obrador…..