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Playa Del Carmen Launches Tourist Safety Program To Protect Travelers This Winter 

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The popular tourist destination of Playa del Carmen is promising its visitors the safest of vacations this holiday season as Lili Campos Miranda and her administration begin their enhanced security operation. 

What seems to have now become commonplace, popular tourist areas in the Mexican Caribbean increase protection for tourists during busy times of the year, such as the summer and winter peak seasons when most visitors arrive. 

crystal clear blue water and sugary white sandy beach in playa del carmen

This comes after the region continues to experience a tourism boom, which is doing wonders for the Mexican economy, allowing them to invest in more infrastructure, such as airports and train lines, as well as enhancing hotel options and increasing tourist attractions for everyone to enjoy. 

Though this success is a huge positive, it is also extremely fragile, and something like crime can impact it enormously. 

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Playa del Carmen Safer Than Ever?

Not long ago, Playa del Carmen was known for having a higher crime rate level than other hotspots and was once among the 50 most dangerous cities in Mexico before Lili Campos Miranda’s administration. 

Now, thanks to investment and security strategies, it is not considered as such and is seeing its popularity soar like never before. 

With more patrols and security personnel set to be guarding the streets of Playa del Carmen, as well as more video surveillance cameras installed in busy areas such as beaches and shopping malls, the place is making a strong commitment to keeping everyone safe.

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It is important to note that the increase in security measures has not been implemented due to any specific incident and is instead being used as a proactive tactic to deter criminals from taking advantage of the busier-than-usual number of tourists this holiday season.

The U.S. State Department continues to monitor popular tourist areas, and its travel alert has been unchanged since the summer for Playa del Carmen, when it was advised that tourists remain vigilant and aware of violence and criminal activity that can still take place. 

It is still recommended that tourists use common sense when regarding their safety by avoiding unknown areas(especially after dark) and instead remaining in well-lit tourist areas and known tourist spots. 

tourists arriving in playa del carmen

What You Can Expect To See

More patrols on the street. If you have been to the Mexican Caribbean recently, you will be used to the sight of police and even the National Guard patrolling beaches and busy tourist areas. While this can take some getting used to, they are on hand to keep you safe and will leave you unbothered so long as there are no issues. 

More security cameras. Though the feeling of being watched might take a slight adjustment, the investment in security cameras and surveillance systems is having a hugely positive impact in places like Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Not only does it give those in charge immediate access to criminal activity, but it also deters criminals who don’t want to be caught on camera. 

A lifeguard walking on a beach with equipment

More lifeguards on the beaches. With less to do with criminal activity and more to do with just how busy the beach areas are set to be this winter, an increased presence of lifeguards is to be expected.

Before the summer, there had been an increase in drownings among tourists, so added protection was brought in. If you have any worries whatsoever about the beach you find yourself on, they are the people to talk to.

More security vehicles on the road. Funding has also been given to increase security vehicle presence, meaning an even stronger feeling of safety in the popular tourist zones.

Any crime that can be expected, such as theft and extortion, can be minimized with the help of fast-acting vehicles that can be on the scene within minutes. 

security vehicle with security patrol

Become Part Of The STEP System

If you find yourself anywhere in Quintana Roo this winter and beyond, we recommend that you register for the free Smart Traveler Enrolment Program (STEP) system that allows the U.S. consulate to contact tourists in the area about security updates and important information. 

This popular app also keeps the consulate up to date with the whereabouts of citizens from the U.S. and can contact immediate family and friends if ever there is an emergency. 

Apart from the standard precautions that tourists should take no matter where they travel, there are no specific or heightened threats in Playa del Carmen currently, and we expect it will remain so with the tourist safety program launching this winter!

famous playa del carmen statue on beach with busy tourists

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