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New Jaguar Park Now Open For Tourists Near Tulum

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There’s a brand-new exciting adventure for travelers in the Mexican Caribbean.

A new park recently officially debuted in Tulum, which blends together cultural, natural, and tourism elements all in one location.

Jaguar Park

Tulum is now home to a new park attraction named after the fearsome predator of the Mexican jungles – the jaguar.

Tulum sunrise

Known in Tulum as Jaguar Park, it actually comprises two different parks – Tulum National Park (PNT) and the Protection of Flora and Fauna Jaguar (APFFJ) – all wrapped into one.

At more than 2,900 hectares or more than 7,000 acres, the expansive piece of land is put aside in Tulum to preserve and conserve the natural habitat for the jaguar.

Adding a New Tourism Adventure in Tulum


According to the Municipal President of Tulum, Diego Castañón Trejo, the new Jaguar Park absolutely transforms Tulum from a city to a destination tourism location where travelers can enjoy the natural environment that transforms Tulum.

In a recorded statement, he thanked Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the Governor of Quintana Roo, Mara Lezama Espinosa, for their hard work and contributions to make this dream of the municipality a reality for visitors to the Mexican Caribbean.

Development Reshaping Tulum

Mayan ruins in Tulum

All of the new developments shape the future of Tulum. Local officials were excited to have some natural land put aside to protect the important jungle neighbor of the Mexican Caribbean town.

It was feared that the animals were going to suffer from the development and construction of the brand-new Tulum International Airport this month.

The new set aside of 2,913 hectares to protect the natural land of the jaguar, as well as creating a destination attraction for travelers in the area was definitely seen as a win for all involved in the process.

a cenote in tulum with blue water

“We will have a new natural reserve and also through cultural, recreational and tourist attractions, any Tulum resident will have access to this historical project full of natural riches,” he said in a statement. “Mayan culture is in harmony with transformation. Tulum is transforming.”

It is definitely becoming a more important travel destination for tourists between the new Tulum International Airport, the Maya Train and of course, the new Jaguar Park.

Things to Do in Jaguar Park

Tulum national park ruins

At nearly three times the size of Central Park in New York, there is plenty to see and explore on a day-trip adventure to the new Jaguar Park. There are plenty of biking and hiking paths to enjoy, some with dramatic vistas of the Caribbean Sea. There are even seven more accessible beaches with soft white sand to explore.

The park also hosts some of Tulum’s most significant Mayan ruins and several cenotes highlight the landscape. There is even a butterfly grove to enjoy interacting with the colorful insects.

Who knows, a traveler may even catch a passing glimpse of a jaguar snoozing in the daytime sun during their day adventure to the new tourist attraction in Tulum.

Tulum National Park

Tips for Travelers

The new Jaguar Park provides visitors to the Mexican Caribbean town of Tulum an opportunity to connect with nature, sustainability, culture and tourism elements all in one convenient locations.

It’s easy to see how this park will definitely become one of the favorites with visitors to the region.

Tulum, Mexico. November 18, 2017. Archeological site with the ruins of a pre-Columbian Mayan city, located in the current Riviera Maya, besides the Caribbean Sea

The amazing thing about the new park for tourists is no two visits will ever be the same. The park is so large and there are so many things to see that travelers to Tulum will be able to enjoy a different adventure based on the time of year they travel, what they decide to tour at the park and even the time of day of the visit.

It’s an exciting new opportunity for visitors to connect with the natural lands of the jaguar.

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